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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Hollow And WPC Solid Decking

Your outside area may be revitalized and your yard can get a much-needed design element thanks to composite decking. The correct wpc solid decking boards may provide your yard a contemporary appearance, a gathering spot for visitors or paying customers, or even a sturdy, flat surface for exercise.

But there are numerous decisions to be taken along the road if the deck is to fulfill any or all of these functions, it must strike a balance between cost, quality, sustainability, and appearance. The next decision is whether to choose hollow or wpc solid decking boards if you’ve already decided that composite is preferable to wood due to price or ease of care (wood plastic composite can be substantially less sensitive to mold and mildew).

Hollow composite decking boards: what are they?

There are benefits and drawbacks to each.

Hollow composite decking boards: what are they?

Composite decking boards with hollow centers and a honeycomb design are often more flexible and may be better at absorbing stress. They frequently cost less than wpc unterkonstruktion massiv decking planks, other things being equal.

Hollow board benefits and disadvantages

Hollow boards are often best employed in locations that are anticipated to see a lot of foot traffic because of its natural flex, such as outdoor pub areas or for families who want to host many parties or use their deck for activities and sports.

The hollow centers’ drawback is that water can accumulate in them. As a result, they could need maintenance more frequently and be more prone to mildew and rust.

In actuality, hollow composite boards have many of the same advantages as solid wpc substructure ones, such as durability and mold and mildew resistance. They could also be lighter and simpler to install. Because of their hollow, honeycomb-like centers, the boards have extraordinary strength and durability while remaining extremely light. Although solid wood-plastic composite boards have the potential to be stronger than hollow ones, they are also considerably more susceptible to drastic weather changes. wpc terrassendielen massiv boards have a tendency to expand and contract with changes in temperature over time, which can lead to cracks or just cause your deck’s surface to warp and fasteners to come free. For this reason, hollow boards can be your best choice if you reside in a region with significant seasonal temperature difference.

Particularly in warm areas, hollow boards could be a preferable choice. Both solid and hollow boards will retain heat because they contain plastic. However, solid boards have a higher density than hollow ones, which often implies they will retain more heat.

Solid composite decking boards: what are they?

Solid composite decking boards: what are they?

On the other hand, wpc solid decking has a substantially better load bearing capability despite having less flex. If you want to set big items on your deck, like a grill, they can end up being the superior choice. Additionally, because of their solid centers, which are far less prone to absorb water than their hollow counterparts and pure hardwood boards, these boards may be more resistant to the damaging effects of weather and rust.

Solid wpc decking' benefits and downsides

Solid wpc decking’ benefits and downsides

Solid wpc decking have the drawback of often being heavier and more tough to install, which might make your project more difficult if you’re working alone. Furthermore, solid wpc substructure boards are more prone than hollow ones to flex and bend in harsh weather, which might cause fasteners around the joists to loosen.

However, solid wpc decking boards have the advantage of more closely resembling real wood, making outdoor spaces more aesthetically pleasant. Additionally, solid composite decking boards are better at absorbing sound than their hollow counterparts, which is advantageous if you want to lower noise in your yard.

Finally, solid wpc decking boards tend to come in more types and designs than hollow ones, giving you more options for outside decor, depending on the manufacturer. If style is important to you, these boards could imitate genuine wood’s appearance more accurately, and at higher price points, the individual boards’ grain will vary sufficiently to be practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

In the end, as all composite decking should have publicly available test results, the best approach to determine with certainty when comparing the relative strength of hollow versus solid boards is to examine your chosen brand and test. If you want to install electrical equipment on your deck, solid wpc decking is a fantastic choice since the honeycomb centers make it very simple to run cables through them and conceal them from view.

The decision between hollow and solid wpc substructure choices for your outdoor deck project comes down to the characteristics of your area, your budget, and the function of the deck once you’ve decided on solid wpc decking.

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