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Decoration of Bedroom


It’s what you’ll feel lying down on this spacious , colonial-style four-poster ottoman beds. The bedroom has been located facing the sea, next to the terrace, with windows that open and close to taste. In a room like this, you will only want to disconnect, witness each of the sunsets in the fresh air and let yourself be rocked by the swaying of the waves! In short, enjoy the summer.


Seeing the lighthouse or a distant light belonging to a merchant ship is a joy. In this bedroom, decorated in beige and blue, they have it easy while they peacefully relax with the last drink on the terrace or lie down ready to sleep while a siren is heard in the distance. The project is from Alto Interior gismo / Grupo Integra. Do you want to know the rest of the summer apartment?


If you have the soul of a sailor, this bedroom will make you fall in love. Its navy style is not only glimpsed in the bedding and blue and white striped curtains, but has been further emphasized with a beautiful wallpaper with sailboats sailing across the headboard ottoman beds. Could there be something cooler?


White feels very well accompanied in this bedroom by mauves, lilacs and blues, which decorate both the bed and door textiles as well as the window joinery. Fresh colors that evoke the island of Formentera, where the house is located. If the bedroom is that bohemian, don’t miss the rest of the house! A whole hymn to freedom!


When the sea creeps in through your window, what better way to dress the bed than with its colors? Here the blue linen sheets have been combined with a white bedspread and quadrants. And so they are so fresh!


Botanical motifs are perfect to refresh any environment, and in the bedroom they are perfect with ottoman beds. Proof of this are the magnificent ferns that dot the wall of this headboard. Don’t you think they are ideal? Palm trees, monstered leaves, and cotton branches are also carried, causing the same effect. And as a faithful chromatic companion, green is accompanied by a cheerful yellow in its duller version, mustard. We see it in bedding that transmits the vitality required to maintain a relaxed activity. And as for the materials, fiber and linen are the chosen ones. Would you like to make a getaway to this rustic house in Cádiz?


The serene and natural colors, like the earth range, are perfect for creating relaxed environments. And if you don’t take a good look at this bedroom, why does it give off high doses of tranquility? And those palm trees that can be seen through the window, how cool they will be at night!


If the outside of your bedroom is surrounded by trees, it has a lot to do with being a cool place. Like this one in the image, which has a new look with renovated beams, a dressing room and open to the bathroom. He dressed in linen in ecru colors which further increases the feeling of peace that surrounds him and the invitation to rest. Lizard rotary Tuner’s project is worth seeing. Do you want to visit this century-old stone farmhouse?

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