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Facts of Braces Penang

When we considering to wear a brace, there are some factors that might lead you cannot take the next actions.


Look at some of the factors below


Is it true that braces may destroy your appearance?


If you consult a professional orthodontist, braces will not destroy your appearance. However, after having numerous teeth pulled for orthodontic treatment, you may believe that braces have destroyed your appearance.


Not only that, but you can seem strange throughout the therapy. But it’s nothing to be concerned about. You will have a more attractive face and a gorgeous smile after having your braces removed.


Furthermore, you may believe that after braces, you would have a sunken face. It’s not true; an orthodontist can help you with a sunken face if you already have one, but you’ll never have one after braces.


If you’re still concerned, you may want to read more about Can braces make your teeth weak, loose, or fall out?


Is it true that braces may make your face seem smaller, leaner, or longer?


Braces do not, contrary to popular belief, make your face longer or thinner. Even if it becomes somewhat longer or smaller, you still look wonderful since it complements your beauty.


Braces or orthodontic therapy may really help you achieve a leaner, thinner, or longer face.


When your lower jaw is more prominent or forwardly paced than your upper jaw, you have a longer face.


The jaw bone, on the other hand, might be thin, making your face seem leaner or thinner. Braces, headgear, and other orthodontic items may be used to correct the issues.


Remember that braces and orthodontic therapy may help you appear better. There are certain situations when a significant adjustment is not possible. However, you must improve your appearance.


Do braces alter the shape of your nose?


Braces have an indirect effect on your nose. The angle between the nose and upper lips changes when you acquire braces to shift your top teeth and jaw bone.


Orthodontists examine your face, teeth, and the angle between the nose and upper lips to determine a healthy facial profile and form.


As a result, following braces treatment, the connection between the nose and upper lips will be enhanced.


Do braces alter the shape of your lips?


Many persons with orthodontic issues have a difficulty with their lips. Some people have thin lips while others have big lips.


It’s referred to as an inadequate lip pattern in orthodontics. Because of forwardly positioned teeth or a jaw, the lips of some persons do not stay in place.


These individuals go to an orthodontist to modify the shape and size of their lips.


So, how do braces affect the shape of your lips?


In summary, as your teeth and jaw improve, braces may enhance the look of your lips. Because your lips are related to each other with skin and muscle, their appearance is determined by the location and size of your teeth and jaw bone.


When you look at the frenum, which connects the gums in the midline of the face to the inner side of the lips, you can see the connection.


As a result, when your teeth and jaw bone are altered by braces, your lips are altered as well.


When your lips are normal, this occurs. You’ll notice it when you notice that you can’t touch both lips without exerting pressure due to the location of the teeth.


Your lips may be somewhat slid to one side if you have an asymmetrical mouth. You will have a more symmetrical smile and enhanced lips after your braces treatment is completed.


Do your lips remain huge after braces if your lips are inadequate, such as big lips?


Unfortunately, braces will not modify the size or form of your lips, so they will stay large even after you get them removed.


However, when your teeth are corrected following braces treatment, your huge lips become even more attractive.


People also inquire,


Do braces cause your lips to protrude?


Braces do not cause your lips to protrude. Braces, in reality, help to enhance the protruding lips and return them to their natural posture.


Protruded front teeth and jaw might result in protruded lips. When a result, as your teeth migrate backward following braces treatment, your lips become straight and normal-looking.


Is it true that orthodontic treatment will alter the contour of your mouth?


As you attempt to seal your lips with the aid of the chin muscle when you have an overbite, your chin becomes weak and strained.


Aside from that, your upper jaw seems to be sunken. In the event of an underbite, on the other hand, your chin seems longer.


When all of these malocclusions are corrected with braces, facial muscles relax and you may shut your mouth properly. This enhances the contour of your mouth and allows you to grin more confidently.


Are braces going to make you seem younger?


After your orthodontic treatment is completed, you might expect to appear younger. When an adult wears braces, they may seem younger once the braces are removed.


The reason for this is because braces affect not just the teeth and jaw bone, but also the muscles and facial appearance.


You may see less wrinkles and tighter skin on your chin and cheeks after the procedure. As a consequence, you seem to be younger.


Do braces make you feel more confident?


Many individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth are self-conscious when they smile and feel confident.


They gain confidence after having braces removed since their face and teeth are straightened.


But one thing to remember is that you are unique and superior to others in your own way. It has nothing to do with your appearance when it comes to developing self-confidence.


It is you who must defend yourself in order to soar over the sky like a bird. So, modify your mindset and stop caring what others think of your appearance.




Braces may enhance your smile and affect the form and structure of your face. By correcting overbite, underbite, gaps, and other malocclusions, it may also enhance your lips, cheekbones, and jaw. However, the extent to which braces may alter your appearance is determined by a number of variables.


If you are deciding to put a brace for your teeth, braces penang is the one to go because of their well-trained orthodontist with qualified certified.


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