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Installation of Composite Panel

Composite Panels are widely utilized not only for external cladding but also for inside cladding. It’s mostly used for advertising. All of the materials are also utilized for a variety of governmental and private purposes. Various progressive approaches have been introduced and applied for various types of aluminum cladding functions over the years. The following are some of the most common and widely utilized utility techniques. But first, let’s talk about the characteristics of a kompositpanel as a material.

Composite panel characteristics

Komposittrall has a lightweight and a large depth. It’s simple to chop, bend, and adjust for setup, and it’s easy to maintain. 3.5-5.5 kg/sqm is the average panel weight. Nice weather resistance. It can withstand acidity and alkalinity. It also serves as a thermal insulator. The aluminum floor is mud-proof, clean, and level. To totally rejuvenate the panel, use a regular cleaner mixed with water. Because the floor is sturdy and the core panel is adaptable, the panel has a high level of resistance. Composite panel is both fire-resistant and noise-absorbing. The following are some methods for installing composite panel.

Wall cladding external

Wall cladding external

There are four types of exterior wall cladding.

Joint with wet sealant

Exterior wall cladding with a wet sealant joint is one of the most often utilized methods for composite panels. It’s a tray sort strategy with sealing joints and tray sort panels. These cladding options are available for all types of new construction and restoration projects. Following the installation of these panels on the upper structure, an appropriate sealing substance is applied to the seams to ensure watertightness.

Method of hanging

Another cladding approach that is essential for mending procedures is the hanging system. It aids in reducing the setup time by simplifying the approach on the development website. This technology makes it simple to release the motion caused by thermal expansion and contraction, therefore  composite panel.are generally not rigidly connected to the sub-frame but rather hung.

Joint of dry gasket

On this course, gaskets are employed in place of sealants within the joints. EPDM gaskets will be compared against sealants in terms of durability and dependability. In addition to these characteristics, the quantity of dirt and discoloration on the composite panel floor will be reduced.

Open narrow joint

composite panel The slender open joint technique of installation will also be used in external wall cladding. For stone and timber-patterned composite panel with slender seams between panels, one of these cladding options is often appropriate. A sealing materials or EPDM gasket is used to the joints when necessary.

Aluminum roof covering

Composite Panel Installation is useful for covering roofs in essential projects such as airports and stadiums, among others. Composite Panel Suppliers install a water gutter or waterproof sheets underneath the composite panels as part of the roof utility methods so that any leaking water drains outside.

Glass curtain wall with spandrel back panel

When installing glass curtain walls, an opaque spandrel panel is frequently required to complement the aesthetic function as well as the energy-saving function. Because altering the spandrel panel after the building is completed might be quite difficult, the spandrel panel used should be durable and UV resistant.

Advantages of Composite Panels

Installing an Composite Panel


When considering any form of architectural feature, the first consideration that comes to mind is longevity. It is the best benefit for building a deck if it is long-lasting. Composite panels have a 30-year life expectancy, which is approximately equal to the age of any freshly built structure today, making them the best option for an architect or developer.

Reasonable price

The cost of composite panel sheets is minimal when compared to other materials. These sheets offer the best price-to-variability ratio possible because they are also long-lasting. The thermal, acoustic, and wind insulation properties of the composite panels sheets are just a few of the advantages. These characteristics also help with energy savings.

Low maintenance panels

Pre-treatment of the protective layering coat on composite panels and sheets keeps the sheets from corroding. Composite panels, on the other hand, have natural anti-corrosion qualities even if they are not treated. This is due to a thin layer that forms when it is exposed to air, making it corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, many panels are easy to wipe, making it simple to remove graffiti drawings. Attempts are being made to recycle composite panels in order to make them more environmentally friendly in general.

Easy to install

It has the distinct advantage of being highly adaptable, making installation a simple. It can be chopped, shredded, twisted, punched, drilled, or profiled, making it a versatile construction material. With an endless range of size and shape options, composite panels are a perfect cladding, installation, and façade application for buildings.


With so many benefits, it’s simple to see why composite panels sheets are preferred by architects, builders, and interior designers all around the world. Composite panels can be seen in abundance in the UAE, Singapore, and other similar tourist locations.

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