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To deliver your love, send flowers to Ahmedabad

We, as humans, have used bouquets and fresh flowers to communicate with each other since the dawn of time. Many cultures, such as the Chinese, Romans and even the Egyptians, have mentioned flowers in their histories, but it was the Victorians in England who popularized the gift of bouquets. In early Victorian England, outlandish displays of emotions were not appropriate, so they invented the language of flowers, and spoke to each other through those codes. Even today, we find that flowers make a special gift to our loved ones.

For those who are well-versed in the language of flowers, choosing the right bouquet for every occasion is a piece of cake. They know that every flower has a different significance, and every bouquet will have different messages. Gifting flowers is one of how people enhance their bonds with each other. Bouquets is that one gift, that is appropriate for any occasion, and if you get a hang of the language of flowers, you are ready to choose the perfect gift!

How to send flowers to Ahmedabad?

The delivering of gifts has never been easier, as the e-commerce industry connects like us never before. Gone are those days when we used to wait for days to get the delivery of a package; online gift stores can do that now with just a couple of hours. There are many online gift portals to choose from, but OyeGifts is the best among them. They have wonderfully structured floral arrangements, and their express delivery service ensures that their staff delivers every gift as soon as possible.

So, if you want to send flowers to Ahmedabad, then you got no worries as they deliver to any city in India. Your gift will reach them sooner than you can hope for.

What to choose when you want to send flowers to Ahmedabad?

We have already established that people have used flowers to communicate thousands of years ago, and that hasn’t changed today. So be careful in choosing what flowers to include in your bouquet. Here is a list of popular flower gifts for you to look through: –

Rose bouquets

Rose bouquets

Roses are the favourites of many, and it’s no surprise! The sunny colours of roses can cheer anyone instantly. Roses have a special place in every culture, and we use their many hues to express different feelings. The most popular are the red roses, and people use them for conveying romantic feelings and passion. Your partner will appreciate the grand gesture of a gigantic bouquet of red roses. Peach roses express gratitude, and white roses are symbols of purity and grace.

Lily bouquet

Lily bouquet

Just like roses, lilies are also popular among bouquet-givers. Lilies have a lot of varieties, and the meaning of those blooms depends on the type of lily. But there is no denying that lilies have varied uses, we often use them in funerals, as well as weddings. People associate white lilies with the rebirth and purity of the soul. They also represent a commitment, so they are frequently placed at weddings. But if you are trying to gift something to your female friend; go with the pink lilies as they express admiration and femininity. For expressing the ‘thank you; emotion, do for yellow lilies.

Carnation bouquet

Carnation bouquet

The history of carnations is over two thousand years, and these bouquets have a lot of symbolism associated with it. They are gorgeous flowers, and they have stood the test of time as they are still very popular choices for bouquets. For Mother’s Day, one of the popular gifts is the carnation bouquet. Carnations are by no means new, so they have a lot of different meanings across different cultures. Earlier, only pink carnations would be prevalent, but now there is a wide variety of colours to experiment with if you are planning for a carnations bouquet. Even to this day, pink carnations are gifted on Mother’s Day. White carnations are splendid and they are symbols of purity and truth. As expected, red carnations are symbols of love and passion, while yellow ones convey feelings of rejection!

Orchid Bouquets

Orchid bouquets

Orchids might be some of the most elegant and luxurious flowers ever. There are many colours to choose from as orchids come in pinks, whites, oranges, reds and even greens! They all have a different message to convey to the recipient. Orchids are beautiful flowers, and they are often used as decorations, as they brighten up a place.

Premium bouquets

At OyeGifts, you can get to choose premium bouquets too.  Flowers have a huge significance in every culture, so you can gift premium flowers to your loved ones. They even offer the ‘same-day delivery policy to suit your needs. Next time, your loved ones will not have to wait for their wonderful blooms anymore.

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