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Top 5 Features of PS5 We All Love

Undoubtedly, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has gained a lot of popularity within a short time because of its extraordinarily high-end graphics, faster loading times, and a solid gaming controller that gives your fingers haptic feedback while playing.

However, still, some of you might be wondering about the ‘main’ reason for PS5 being so popular among users. Or, in other words, what features make the current version so different from PS4? Well, there are a bunch of exclusively unique, user-friendly hardware features that make PS5 more fun than the previous versions. For example, 3D immersive audio tech, supercharged customized GPU & CPU, ultra-high-speed SSD hard drive, and of course a wide range of games.

Although there is a long list of features that make PS5 stand out in the market from other PlayStation versions, here are we have come up with the best ones. Let’s take a look!

Game Presets

Now you can easily set your preferred settings for various options at the system level, which includes camera settings, graphics/design modes, and difficulty levels. This certainly means that while booting up any game that supports this feature, you won’t have to put any extra effort to ensure that your camera controls are in place, the subtitles have been turned off, and what difficulty level are you playing on.

Along with the faster loading times, now you can easily jump into the games with these universal presets. Here’s the full list of options:

  • Performance/Resolution mode
  • Difficulty level
  • First and third-person view – normal/inverted
  • Audio and subtitles

These auto game preset controls will surely take your gaming experience to next level. However, before you start playing your favorite game, always make sure that you are connected to a high-speed, fast, and secure internet connection like Grande Communications Networks. It will help you to enjoy your games without any lagging or excessive loading times.

The best part is that Grande Communications’ internet packages are extremely affordable for everyone, starting from only $35.99 per month.

Playtime On Your Profile

PlayStation 5 facilitates its users with another useful and convenient feature that is ‘the gaming time’ which keeps showing on your gaming profile. Now you can easily keep a track of how many hours you have been paying for and also find out which game took most of your time.

This is another reason why PS4 is so different from PS5; it never showed you the gaming time for any specific game, or even in total. However, thankfully, PS5 will show you the exact gaming time details on your gaming profile along with the accumulated playtime on PlayStation 4 you have already played. Bravo, Sony!

PlayStation 5 Trophies

PlayStation 5 not only provides its users with a screenshot of every trophy they get but also records a 15-second clip to show the moments that led to the win! Isn’t that wonderful?

Now you can easily view all your wins and final winning moments of each game and enjoy it again and again. Besides this, you can also share these wonderful clips with your loved ones by clicking on share. However, you just need to take care of one thing – your storage space. Sometimes, you really do not need to save any specific gaming clips that led to an easy win.

For example, we have tons of PS5 games that are too easy for experienced gamers that they consider it a piece of cake. So, if you end up winning any such game, then you can always ‘skip’ to save its winning clip. Just make sure to save only high competition clips and not the unnecessary ones so that your storage space never gets full.

DualSense Controller Grip

DualSense is PlayStation 5’s new gaming controller. It is an upgraded, and new version of PS controllers which accentuates the touch sense with high-class haptic feedback abilities, and its in-built sound speaker.

The DualSense also consists of a comparatively better surface. Its handles consist of tiny, firm plastic protrusions which can fit into your hands better, in any case. Although this is a pretty good upgradation on its own, still what makes it even more exciting and fun is the hundreds of little PS icons like triangles, crosses, circles, and squares.

Dust Hole

Did we just say ‘Dust Hole’? Oh, yes we did.

It would not be wrong to say that most electronic gadgets and devices are full of little holes that easily collect dust mites from beds, couches, sofas, or even chairs, etc. The same is the case with Sony PlayStation 5; it gets to collects dust easily. However, it seems like Sony has finally decided to mitigate the problem on its own. The PS5 comes with a huge cooling fan inside which draws in the fresh, and filters the dust particles to different holes on the side of the console. You can easily access both of them by popping off the faceplate located on the left-hand side.

Now you can easily clean your PlayStation 5 whenever you want it; just stick your vacuum machine on the holes, and suck all the dust out from the gadget. You would be more than satisfied to know that your PS5 is doing okay and that it is not going to catch fire due to dust anytime soon.

Final Word

As we mentioned earlier, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a top-notch gadget among users due to its wide range of features, specifications, and design. However, here we have mentioned the most important features of PS5 only. If you are a frequent PS5 gamer, and you know about some more characteristics, then please feel free to comment below.

Finally, if you wish to know more about PS5 features then do search for more articles and blogs related to PlayStation on the internet. But before you begin your research, please make sure that you are connected to a high-speed internet like Grande Communications, so that your browsing doesn’t get interrupted in between. To order your internet connection, simply call Grande Communications Customer Service Helpline and talk to their customer services representative.

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