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Trip to Morocco

Trip to Morocco

Ten tips: How to prepare your trip to Morocco

In order to leave for Morocco, it is best to be aware of some practical information, but also of the basic rules to be respected in the country. Here are 10 tips to best prepare for your trip to Morocco with Morocco Tour Operator agency.

1. Date of your stay in Morocco

Although the sun is out for most of the year, the date of your Moroccan holiday depends on the region you wish to visit. Temperatures are mild everywhere in spring and autumn despite some rainfall in the highlands. In summer, temperatures are very high in the south of the country, but mild in the mountains. In winter, there is a sharp contrast between the coasts, where the climate remains mild, and the snow-covered peaks.

2. Administrative formalities

Before your trip to Morocco, remember to obtain a passport. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least three months after your return date. Visas are not required for EU citizens, Canadians and Swiss citizens for a stay in Morocco of less than three months.

3. Health prevention

No health measures are required before a holiday in Morocco. However, it is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and to take an anti-diarrhoea treatment. Once there, it is safer not to drink tap water, to wash fruit and vegetables well before eating them and to wash your hands frequently.

4. Transport and luggage

Check with your airline or tour operator to find out how much luggage is allowed per traveller and how much it weighs. Remember to pack light clothing, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent. Take warm clothes as well, as temperatures vary from day to night, from coast to coast. Finally, if you are planning to hike, don’t forget comfortable, heat-resistant walking shoes if you are trekking through the desert.

5. Safety rules

Follow basic safety rules. Do not show signs of wealth, keep valuables in a bag and not in your pockets. Beware of touts and scams. Finally, women should avoid walking alone, especially in the evening, and avoid wearing short or transparent clothes. The country is still relatively safe, however, with police keeping an eye on the safety of tourists in the major cities.

6. Internal transport

To get around the country, you can choose between planes or trains to connect the major cities, buses to move around the country at low cost or taxis for short distances. Hire cars are another option for getting around the country freely. However, beware of Moroccan drivers who do not always respect the Highway Code, people and animals crossing the roads and avoid driving at night.

7. Money

The common currency in Morocco is the dirham. Bank cards are not widely used in the country, so remember to bring cash which you can change on the spot. You will also be able to withdraw cash easily in the major cities. Finally, negotiate prices, even if they are displayed.

8. Language

The official languages in Morocco are Arabic and Amazigh. However, other languages are common, such as French, which is often spoken in government offices. Here are some Arabic words that you may find useful:

Hello: salamalikoum
Goodbye: biss’lama
Please: min fadlak
Thank you: choukrane
Yes: n’âam
No : l’la
How much does it cost? chhal
9. Culture
To have a pleasant holiday in Morocco, make sure you respect the country’s customs and traditions. Women should wear appropriate clothing (covering shoulders and knees), especially in places of worship, avoid physical contact, do not drink alcohol or be overly affectionate in public, and respect the rules indicated at the entrance to the monuments you visit.

10. Practical information

– Time difference: during your stay in Morocco, you will notice a time difference of one hour compared to Paris time. At noon French time, it is 11 am in Morocco.
– Electrical equipment: 220V
– Communication: you can choose between telephones (mobile, payphones or telestores) and Internet, which is available in most hotels via Wi-Fi and in cybercafés.

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