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Health and Fitness

Yoga for Anxiety

When emotions of anxiety or stress begin to sneak in, many individuals turn to yoga for relief. Focusing on both your breath and your ability to be present in each pose can help quiet negative thought chatter and improve your mood.

It’s all about accepting yourself for who you are right now. If you’re open to the practice, simply a few minutes a day practising one or two postures can make a big difference.

Take note of the feelings that travel throughout your body as you enter each pose to get the most out of your session. Allow yourself to explore and feel whatever feelings occur.

This seated position might assist you in locating your centre. Concentrating on your breath might help you relax in this pose’s quiet.

Best Yoga Pose For Anxiety

Hero pose

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Kneel in a comfortable position. Your knees should be in a straight line, and your feet should be broader than your hips.
  • Maintain a smooth surface on the floor with the tops of your feet.
  • Put a pillow or block under your buttocks, thighs, or calves if this is too unpleasant.
  • Placing your hands on your thighs is a good idea.
  • To open your chest and stretch your spine, sit up straight.
  • This stance can be held for up to 5 minutes.

Tree Pose

A healthy body and a creative mind are a match made in heaven.

This classic standing stance might help you calm your racing thoughts and focus within.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • From a standing position, elevate your left foot slowly off the ground while bearing your weight with your right foot.
  • Slowly turn your left foot’s sole toward the inner of your leg.
  • On the outside of your left ankle, calf, or thigh, place it.
  • Keep your foot from slamming into your knee.
  • Put your hands in any posture that is comfortable for you. This could be hung at your sides or in a prayer stance in front of your heart.
  • This stance can be held for up to 2 minutes.
  • Rep the process on the other side.

Triangle Pose

A healthy body and a creative mind are a match made in heaven.

This energetic stance can help relieve neck and back stiffness.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • As you stand, be sure your feet are broader than your hips.
  • Your left toes should be facing forward, and your right toes should be pointing inward at a little angle.
  • Extend your arms forth from your shoulders. The palms of your hands should be facing down.
  • Reach forward with your left hand, extending your torso forward.
  • To bring your right hip back, hinge at the hip joint. Your left hand should be placed on your leg, the floor, or a block.
  • Raise your right hand toward the ceiling.
  • Look in whatever direction that seems good to you.
  • This stance can be held for up to a minute.
  • Then repeat on the other side.

Pose of a fish

A healthy body and a creative mind are a match made in heaven.

This backbend can assist reduce chest and back tension.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Stretch your legs out in front of you as you sit.
  • With your palms facing down, place your hands beneath your buttocks.
  • Extend your chest by squeezing your elbows together.
  • Then, to keep your chest elevated, lean back onto your forearms and elbows, pressing into your arms.
  • Allow your head to hang back toward the floor or rest on a block or pillow if it’s more comfortable.
  • This stance can be held for up to one minute.

It improves one’s health and self-awareness. You can enrol in a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to learn more about yoga and its health benefits.


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