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10 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Solar energy is sustainable green energy. The utilisation of solar energy with the help of solar panels is the safest way to gain energy. Read about the solar innovations tempting to improve our life.

When the sun shines onto a solar panel the PV cells on the solar panel absorb the sunlight and convert it into DC energy. The PV cells are made up of the same material as in microchips of electronics.

Solar panels prefer sunny days to generate electricity to their fullest. They don’t produce enough electricity during the winter and foggy days. Ideal circumstances for creating solar energy incorporate a good radiant day, obviously.

In any case, like with most gadgets, sunlight-based chargers are more proficient in chilly climates than in warm weather. This permits the board to deliver greater power in a similar measure of time. The board creates less voltage and delivers less power as the temperature increases.

Lots of companies and industries are generating solar energy to power up their needs. These are the lists of companies that use solar panels the most.

Does it mean the temperature of a day increases the output of the solar panels?

The PV cells do not depend on the temperature of a day or how hot is the day. The solar radiation from the sun can penetrate clouds and those radiations are enough to activate atoms and electrons to generate electricity. So, no the temperature does not affect the efficiency of solar panels.

No matter where you live installing solar panels always gives you good ROI.

Gexa Energy (has discounted rates on Home Energy Club) gives you a choice of numerous adaptable electricity plans to ensure your needs are met. By monitoring your energy use and prices, such a strategy may help you save money and use AC without stress.

How do solar panels work?

At the point when photons hit a solar cell, they thump electrons free from their atoms. In the event that transmitters are connected to the positive and negative sides of a cell, it shapes an electrical circuit. At the point when electrons move through such a circuit, they produce power. Different cells make up a solar panel, and numerous boards (modules) can be wired together to frame a solar exhibit. The more boards you can convey, the more energy you can hope to create.

These are the 10 facts you might have not discovered about solar energy yet.

You can use Solar energy to run your home

Solar power is the free, greenest, and safest solution to run household appliances like heaters, AC, cooler, etc. This energy can also be utilised to organize sustainable events for your brand activations and marketing.

Solar power was discovered in 1839

Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1983. The photovoltaic impact is the point at which an electrical flow is made in a conveyor subsequent to being hit by the sun’s beams.

Silicon solar cells are invented in 1954

The four times efficient silicon solar cells are invented in 1954 by Bells Lab. The new panel was way cheaper and more efficient than the older panels.

Solar energy improvises global health

The use of fossil fuels to run industries and automobiles has a direct impact on the environment. Depending on fossil fuels increase global warming. This pollution has a direct cause on the health of living beings.

Solar energy saves money

Solar panels are a one-time investment expense. Once you have installed it, you can enjoy free energy from the solar panel for the rest of the time. Of course, you have to maintain its condition on a time basis but it’s not expensive to do.

NASA was the first adopter of solar energy

Nasa adopted solar technology in the 1950s. The space business was quite possibly the earliest adopter of solar innovation. It appears glaringly evident when you consider it, yet NASA has embraced solar technology for a very long time – selecting sun solar technology on board the satellite Vanguard 1.

It’s right now the most seasoned satellite, squeezes into the centre of your hand, was sent off into space in 1958 and has 6 silicon solar cells that create around 1 watt of energy. 

It utilized the electrical power produced by solar cells to convey radio messages back to Earth. It made due for a long time prior to going quiet!

The first solar-powered calculator was invented in 1976

Sharp EL-8026, also named Sun Man was released in 1976 for the first time. Later Teal Photon was brought to market after 2 years of Sharp EL-8026 as a fully solar functioned calculator.

China is the largest solar power hub

China has the world’s largest solar energy fleet, which generates about 205 GW of energy. China aims to neutralise its carbon emission by 2060.

Solar energy is cheap

Since 1977 cost of solar panels has decreased by 97%. It has become more affordable and efficient to install at home or anywhere.

Satellites use solar energy

Many are astonished to hear that the space business embraced solar technology in the mid-1950s to give capacity to rockets. The Vanguard 1, for instance, was the principal satellite to produce power through solar cells. It stays the most seasoned artificial satellite that is right now still in the circle, signing in excess of six billion miles to date.

Despite everything today, different nations additionally utilize solar energy to control their spaceships when they’re shipped off for specific space missions.


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