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10 Ways to Make the Coolest Outfits Using Only Kids Clothes

10 Ways to Make the Coolest Outfits Using Only Kids Clothes

Kids clothes are adorable and functional, but you’re not a little kid anymore! You can still take advantage of kids clothes to create fashion outfits that will make your friends do a double-take,

though. Whether you have boys or girls, babies or preteens, you can use your kids clothes to make some out-of-this-world outfits that will have people wondering how they were made.

Here are 10 ways to make the coolest outfits using only kids clothes.

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1) Cut the bottom off

1. Cut off the bottom of a long-sleeve, button-down shirt.
2. Put your foot in one sleeve and pull it up over your head until you’re inside out with one arm in a cuff and the other free.
3. Wear it as a dress or get funky with leggings and tights if it’s cold out!


3) Fold your shirt over

Wearing your shirt as a skirt is a great way to get two outfits out of one piece of clothing. The first thing you’ll want to do is fold your shirt in half with the front side facing outward.

Then, you’ll want to fold it again in half so that it’s in thirds. You should now have three long strips of fabric.

Fold those strips over themselves until they are thick enough to make a skirt shape,

and then tie them together at the top and bottom with some string or yarn.

2) Turn an old dress into a vest

1. Take a dress that is too short, and turn it into a vest by cutting off the bottom.
2. Cut out arm holes on both sides of your vest, then sew up the front opening.
3. Turn under both armholes and hem them with a zig-zag stitch (or pinking shears).

4) Take any shirt and turn it into a skirt

1. Head over to your local craft store and buy fabric that matches your shirt. Cut it into a rectangle that is 2 inches wider than the length of your shirt (from hemline up).

Sew along three sides of the rectangle, leaving one side open.

Turn right-side out through this opening and attach Velcro or hook and eye closures (depending on what you have) so that it can be closed in front.

5) Cut your pants into shorts

1. Cut off the hem of your jeans, then cut straight across the fabric at each knee. For a neater look, you can use scissors or a rotary cutter and ruler.

2. Fold up the bottom of your pants to create a cuff and stitch it in place using needle and thread or sewing machine. If you don’t want cuffs on both ends, just fold up one side so that it meets with your ankle.

3. Cut off any excess fabric around your new shorts lengthwise, stopping before you hit the seam at your crotch – this will give you some extra fabric for folding over and stitching in place later on in step 4.

6) Mix two different shirts together

This one is a bit more challenging, but it’s possible. One of my favorite ways to do this is by mixing a patterned shirt with a solid colored shirt.

You’ll want to pick a patterned shirt that has colors in it that are close enough to colors on your solid colored shirt that they match well when mixed together.

7) Layer your clothes with other clothes

Mixing and matching is always a great way to create an original look. For example, you can wear a long sleeve top with a short sleeve top or wear a long skirt with tights.

Here are 10 ways you can make outfits using only kids clothes that will have everyone wondering how you did it!

1) Wear two skirts at once This idea is perfect for cold winter days when there’s not enough time to change between school and home.

8) Change your tee-shirt into a strapless dress by cutting off the sleeves

In order to make this work, you need a tee-shirt that is long enough so that it can be worn as a dress. Cut off the sleeves and then cut slits in the bottom of both sides, making sure they reach all the way up to where you cut off the sleeves.

9) Use a tank top as a shirt dress

The most important thing to remember is that no one is going to see what’s on the inside of your shirt.

If you want a dress, just wear a tank top with leggings and roll up a bunch of fabric at the bottom for extra length.

Throw on some sandals and you’re good to go.

Tip #9 Best Shoes For Mother of the Bride Outfit (And What Not To Wear)

While you might be tempted to wear your favorite heels, it is best to choose a more comfortable pair that will allow you to walk around all day.

If you have an outfit with flats, then by all means wear those shoes. If your outfit has a heel, then make sure they are at least two inches in height so that you do not need to walk around on your tiptoes.

You want them at least two inches because anything less than that will put too much pressure on your feet and cause them to swell over time.

The last thing you want is for your feet to feel uncomfortable when you’re standing all day!

Tip #10 Complete Your Outfit with Classic Accessories

No matter what you wear, you should always complete your outfit with classic accessories. For example, if you’re wearing a dress, then add heels and a necklace.

If you’re wearing jeans or pants, then add a blazer and stilettos. No matter what your look is, these are the items that will help make it standout without being over-the-top.

These days, every woman is looking for an excuse to use their Louboutins; after all, who doesn’t want to be seen in them? A pair of simple silver drop earrings can easily be paired with any style.

Another timeless piece: sunglasses! These fashion staples never go out of style.

Remember: even when you have something dramatic on top (a statement sweater), you still need something simple underneath

(e.g., tank top) so that it’s balanced in color and texture!


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