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5 Software Tools to Consider Healthcare Data Integration

Let’s cover healthcare data integration tools that help streamline every healthcare process of data management. 

intelyConnect combines secure healthcare data integration with mobility to turn healthcare data into actionable information that helps key decision-makers with the real-time operational intelligence they need.

The administrative personnel is burdened by time-consuming billing activities and poor data gathering and administration applications. 

What is healthcare data integration?


Healthcare data integration is effective for all healthcare organizations. It helps to take less time for patients and doctors in an administrative area. It consumes multiple data at a time of a single patient. 

After adopting healthcare data integration software in professional life, you can save money, time, and the environment. It is effective in our healthcare industry. To solve this problem, our IT companies prepare software to integrate data. 

It can use to integrate data easily and secure information of patients in a system. For example, integrating multiple data/data points from various sources into a single uniform set is data integration. 

Why is healthcare data integration important?


The healthcare industry has a record of being quick to accept new technology, but it takes a long time to deal with data, especially when it comes to data sharing and integration. 

The standards have lately been implemented in many nations and are focused on integrating and unifying healthcare data. 

Accepting responsibility for data can help healthcare organizations improve patient care, medical outcomes, and financial returns.

These data integration issues cause confusion and dissatisfaction among patients, clinicians, and insurers and cost healthcare companies money. 

Healthcare providers can provide more efficient, higher-quality, safer, and specialized care and coordination when accessing a patient’s current health avcılar escort data.

The only digital MSK Health solution to earn third-party validation to reduce medical claims by $2,244 spend per participant.

Why is data integration security essential?


In today’s time, the biggest question that arises before adopting any software for data integration is “security.” 

With the rise in data integration security and new financial and medical rules, time restriction is essential and focuses only on data management. Therefore, it is more important than ever to pay attention to data integration and application harmony. 

There are four types of data in healthcare that needs higher security:

  • Inpatient 
  • Outpatient
  • Pharmacy 
  • Enrollment

As a result, the integration of the platform and services used by hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities. It should do so that the privacy of a patient’s information is protected. 

This integration also ensures that, when necessary, important data may extract from the huge amounts of data stored in the system. 

The purpose of collecting healthcare data is to improve care quality and provide relevant insights to patients and healthcare practitioners. However, a question arises regarding data integration because the data is typically received from a range of clinic-based systems.

Five healthcare data integration tools:


  • Intely:

Intely allows healthcare practitioners and organizations to interact with other digital health products and patients in just a few clicks. 

It lowers the barrier to enter into the healthcare market for Digital Health products, providers, patients, and developers by breaking down technological hurdles. 

Intely is easy-to-use, and the secure platform makes it easier to grow, integrate, and automate workflows for better interoperability. We create many integration platforms and as well applications that help patients easily. 

  • Informatica: 

Informatica provides the following data integration products: Informatica Platform (PowerCenter, Power Exchange, Data Services, Data Replication, Advanced-Data Transformation, Ultra Messaging, B2B Data Transformation, and Data Integration Hub).

Vibe Data Stream, Informatica Cloud Integration, Iron Cloud Platform, Big Data Management, Intelligent Data Lake, Intelligent Streaming, Enterprise Information Catalogue, Informatica Data Preparation, Data Integration Hub, and Informatica Data Preparation.

  • Cerner: 

Cerner is on a goal to integrate technology across all disciplines to transform the existing medical framework. It is one of the most advanced data analytics companies globally, with offices in several major economies.

Cerner is a computer and information technology supplier based in the United States. Neal Patterson launched the company in 1979. The company’s most well-known product is health informatics software.

  • Attunity:

Attunity software quickly and without human coding aggregate data and files across all major databases, data warehouses, Hadoop, and cloud systems, including those employing the HL7 communications standard. 

These technologies establish strong analytics based on automated workflows and business rules.

  • Jitterbit:

Jitterbit delivers a single, secure platform for healthcare businesses to access clinical and process data. As a result, it enables businesses to comprehend treatment alternatives and decisions better. 

They comply with changing regulatory requirements and streamline processes to serve patients better. 

The healthcare integration platform from Jitterbit allows for more efficient operations and gives extensive access to clinical data and processes in a format compatible with other systems.

Benefits of healthcare data integration- 


Everyone means patients, internal staff, doctors, and organizations benefit from data integration in healthcare centers. In addition, collecting data and transforming it into its final, usable shape takes less time. 

Once the data can integrate with a patient’s ID, they can see their records anytime and anywhere. 

  • Adaptability: 

Customers can readily adapt to various systems thanks to a flexible data management structure, even when business requirements change often. In addition, connections between data stores are easily accessible, quick, and increase data quality and data integrity.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: 

Data integration platforms are not too costly and can be accessed within the organization’s budget. Increased efficiency and return on investment.

  • User-Friendliness: 

A fundamental component of an application services platform is predefined integration processes that easily integrate systems. Knowledge transmission between systems is seamless. These make it simple and quick to interconnect platforms. 

  • Enhanced Decision Making and Rule Integration: 

Organizations can quickly create and implement business rules to sequence the continuous flow of data with the help of a powerful integration platform. It Improved customer and partner satisfaction.

  • Real-time Data Integration and Processing: 

Application services integrate and process data in real-time, ensuring data availability on time. 



intelyConnect always suggests the best option to apply in professional life. Everyone involved in healthcare, including physicians, healthcare professionals, payers, patients, and employees, can benefit from healthcare data integration. 

Especially for healthcare organizations, healthcare data integration is more effective and useful. It helps save time, and less paperwork and missing data are avoided after using data integration software.  


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Davinci is a research-based contributor for intely, providing content specifically in the Healthcare IT and Digital Health space.

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