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5 Steps to Write Perfect Descriptive Essays

Universities and colleges assign various tasks to the students to make them capable of today’s competitive world. However, it is very difficult for the student to know the structure of each assignment. So, even the sharpest mind will not work at their best under stringent deadlines and pressure. An essay is one of the most common assignments that students need to write. Most of them struggle with essays because they are further classified into various types. So, to get professional advice and improve their performance on writing assignments to score good academic grades, many students prefer to take help from essay writing services.

Why do the Professors Give Descriptive Essays to Students?

“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic. – J.K. Rowling

Students are asked to explain something in a descriptive essay. It’s a detailed description in which the author uses words to create a picture. This essay is aimed to explain your words and point of perspective in your own terms because there are many people in the world and each has its unique perspective.

Thus, an essay that describes an event, a person, a sensation, or anything else is referred to as a descriptive essay. Writing this essay aims to give your professor a clear picture of the ideas and concepts you have learned about the subject.

If a student lacks strong writing abilities, don’t worry—cheap essay writing services are available for you; professionals will mentor you through live sessions and help you develop your writing and analytical abilities to complete the best possible descriptive essay assignment.

Your professor asks you to write this essay because of the following reasons:

  • To check how in-depth you can explain a particular topic.
  • Understand how good is your writing skills.
  • To evaluate how well you know about the topic.

Thus, the descriptive essay uses language’s ability to evoke emotions in readers (your professor) by appealing to their senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. Usually, creative students are given this form of essay to showcase their inventiveness on a particular topic.

What are the Five Steps of Descriptive Writing?

Writing is a passion of many people. So, whether you are a student, author, poet or professional, these five steps will help you write the best descriptive essay. Students can earn high academic grades if they write descriptive essays with these steps. So, let’s see the five steps of descriptive writing that experts of essay writing services provide:


Initially, a student must understand the requirement of the essay. This helps him in creating a perfect plan to write an effective essay. Basically, it is a preparation process that helps the students in further writing.

Before writing an essay, students must decide what, how, and who they will describe. The subject doesn’t need to be well-known or rare. Students should consider the characteristics they want to describe as well. The students must ensure they select the appropriate topic for their essay at this stage, as it significantly impacts their professor’s perception of them.


The experts of cheap essay writing also suggest students create an outline of essays first. They should always stick to the outline when writing the initial draft of a descriptive essay. You must also remember that your goal is to provide the lecturer with a thorough understanding of the subject and to ensure you are knowledgeable about it. A descriptive essay should demonstrate, not simply, re-counts.


It is the most necessary part of the writing process. Students must revise their work thoroughly to ensure they deliver 100% error-free work. Also, in this stage, you can review, change or even re-structure your work. Thus, you can make your essay best at this stage.


This is the most important stage if you revise. So, in this step, you need to edit and correct grammar and mechanical errors. Work on your style and clarity now while you still have time. Use a lot of adjectives and adverbs, and stay away from clichés. To engage with an expert to edit and make it 100% error-free, one can also look for essay help by searching “write my essay services.”


Sharing a descriptive essay with the professor only because of your grades can be thrilling and terrifying. But remember that nobody on the earth is careless about their job. The most important thing is to learn from your errors and apply any criticism you receive to your subsequent essays.


A descriptive essay aims to tell readers about your in-depth knowledge. The more clearly explain, the more you have chances to secure good grades. It involves a five-step writing process – pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and submitting. However, if you still think you need more assistance in writing your descriptive essay, taking assistance from essay writing services is a good option. You can clear all of your doubts from experts through live sessions by using these services.

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