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5 unisex engagement ring designs using lab grown diamonds

The 21st century is all about gender equality and freedom of expression. This attitude reflects everywhere from the lifestyle that people choose to their field of work. So why should engagement ring designs not reflect it? The rings are not just about the ceremony anymore. They are the symbol of a person’s identity and the beautiful relationship they share. It’s time to say goodbye to stereotypical and gender-specific rings and welcome the patterns that are gender neutral and representative of a person’s individuality. And nothing spells out equality better than unisex engagement rings.

  1. Engagement bands

Bands are the most commonly bought unisex engagement rings. Some people aren’t comfortable flaunting a stone on their finger every day. They prefer making a simple choice. Engagement bands come in a variety of designs, some studded and some plain. The best part is that you can get them designed to match with your partner’s so they look like a pair of couple rings.

  1. Single solitaire

Single solitaires aren’t just for women. The gold, silver or platinum band with a single stone either on top or embedded within the ring is how these rings are supposed to look. Contrary to popular belief, they actually do have a gender neutral appearance. The feminine solitaires usually have claws around the stone, holding it in place and giving a crown-like look. Unisex ones are simple and plain looking in comparison with either just the stone by itself or bordered with the same metal as the ring.

  1. Infinity ring

Infinity rings are simple a type of engagement bands. They have a very classy look to them. These rings are mostly available in platinum. They have very tiny diamonds on the entire circumference but in a single line. Above and below them are broad edged of the metal and these diamonds simply fill up the middle portion. They have a delicate appearance, which may give a feminine feel and some men might not like it. However, they can be customised to be bulkier to suit a man’s hand as well. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are very popular in this pattern.

  1. Vintage modern rings

Vintage rings are diamond studded but not your regular solitaire ring. They have unique geometrically shaped diamonds with cuts and facets to make a mirror image. The ‘Hall of mirrors’ illusion was started with this type of ring. There are geometric patterns on the ring itself as well so match with the look of the diamond. The sharp angular look compliments the hands of both the sexes, making the fingers look long and slender. These are mostly made in platinum metal with coloured diamonds. The preferred colours are blue, green, red and violet.

engagement rings in London

  1. Classic wedding ring with a twist

Classic gold wedding rings in the form of bands have been worn by generations of couples. They are comfortable, lightweight and easier to manage for daily use. They are also easier to clean. Traditional, old-school couples still prefer the classic rings. You can cherish the tradition whole adding your personal touch to it. So the rings can be carved with zig-zag lines, or the wedding date, name of your spouse, any special word that describes a moment between you two, etc. Traditional does not have to be boring at all. A classic ring adorned with beautiful lab grown diamonds will give a traditionally modern feel.

Wearing similar engagement rings gives couples a feeling of equality and sharing the bond between them more intensely. Many couples are ditching the regular classic ones to go for these unique styles of engagement rings in London now.

It is wonderful to have someone so special and loved in your life. The desire to embark on a beautiful journey with them, symbolizing their feelings, is one of the most important steps in the lives of many people. Choosing one of the various engagement ring designs that can embody these feelings can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know exactly what.

An added bonus when shopping online is the ability to compare the different rings available without feeling the pressure of a jeweler about to close and without the pressure of a store seller. You can also bookmark the web pages of your choice of three and take the time to make a decision. So if you want to express your life or want to surprise this special person, a triple diamond ring is a great gift.

The perfect choice for anyone with an unlimited budget and love of luxury and majestic engagement rings are brilliant charm and design. These ring styles usually have large cut stones, a sophisticated design and a number of settings combined with the most outstanding look of the rings.

Regardless of the price of the engagement ring, it is important to remember what symbol it represents for the couple. While the ring will definitely make an impression when it is shown, the thoughts and love behind it make it truly beautiful.

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