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6 Must Have Footwear In Every Woman’s Closet

You know what they say about shoes: they can make or ruin an outfit. And the proper pair of shoes can indeed take an ensemble from good to great or turn you into a fashion victim. Shoes have the power to set the mood for an outfit. An outfit with shoes conveys a relaxed feeling, yet adding a stiletto pump to your ensemble may quickly elevate any look. In the same way, some footwear offers the essential comfort and style quotient that every woman desires. That’s why many brands provide high-quality, intricately designer mules for ladies that look adorable and offer the necessary comfort to you. In an ideal world, we’d all have walk-in wardrobes stocked with shoes to match any outfit. In reality, you only need an excellent selection of necessary shoes that suit your attire. Thankfully you don’t have to pull your hair to find the right footwear collection. Here is a compiled list of 6 must-have footwear in every woman’s closet.  


  • Classic Pumps 

There are only a few footwear styles that stood the test of time. Classic pumps are timeless beauties that have been in fashion since their inception. They are the ideal footwear for women who are boss ladies in the day and glamorous divas in the evening. Its sheer style, elegance and hotness offer instant sass to your personality and outfit. 

It is a must-have for any lady, regardless of age. It will be a little surprising if you don’t already have something like this in your closet. There’s a reason they’re classics! A nice pair of black pumps can go with practically any dress in your closet and will be required for almost any event; office party, graduation, work, a casual party, etc. You must have at least one pair in your closet! Choose classic shapes and cuts rather than the latest trendy version that will be out of fashion in a few months  


  • Sneakers


 Sneakers have been popular for several years, from casual Instagram outfits to red carpet events. You can wear your sneakers with nearly everything. A pair of comfortable essential white shoes is a must-have for every girl’s closet. It always looks nice and instantly adds a laid-back, elegant mood to your ensemble! It can also balance out a bolder or more daring wardrobe choice. Purchase a high-quality leather pair that is easy to clean and can go with any outfit without any effort. 


  • Mules


 There are only a few footwear styles that match the charm of mules. Mules are yet another wardrobe essential. They instantly make an outfit appear more polished and put together. Because they are flat shoes, they make excellent elevated everyday shoes. They also seem more stylish than a ballet flat. Mules offer the necessary slip-on comfort so that you can wear them anywhere and still rock your style. Beyond comfort and ease of use, mules offer a unique hint of style to your outfit and personality. 

 One more great thing about mules is that they got updated with time. Modern mules aren’t plain and simple anymore. They are more expressive through designs and colours and are inspired by the elements in everyday life. Many popular brands in India design high-quality designer mules for ladies that look gorgeous on their feet. The prominent styles showcase elements like birds, animals, butterflies, leaves, flowers and many more. Whether you wear them 9-5 or on special occasions, the fashionable mules will never fail to mesmerize you with their charm. Ultimate shopping guide helps you to choose mules and jutti.


  • Ankle strap heels 

 Ankle strap heels are an undervalued kind of shoe. These instantly make any dress look sleeker and sexier. They are a classic pair that look fantastic with practically anything. They are especially useful for summer gatherings since they give you a sexy look while allowing your feet to breathe in the heat.  

 Ankle wraps are also a very adaptable type of footwear. They complement a wide range of appearances and may be worn with practically any piece of clothing. Going out with friends? A gorgeous dress and the ankle strap high heels will make you look like a million bucks. Have a few errands at hand and want to be relaxed while also boosting your confidence? The same heels will do the work effortlessly. Don’t pass these up for your closet!  


  • Knee-high boots  

 While footwear fashions come and go, the appeal of knee-high boots has always stayed back, and it’s easy to see why. These timeless pieces of a masterpiece have a lot to offer women. They are warm in the winter and incredibly fashionable yet surprisingly adaptable. Knee-high boots look great with various outfits and are ideal for work, the weekend, nights out, and beyond.  

 You can’t go wrong with black boots in the cold, mainly black knee-high boots. These are excellent wardrobe basics because they will go with any outfit you choose. If you’re feeling daring, consider a patent black boot, or if you’re new to the trend, go with black suede for an effortless style. The beautiful thing about black boots is that you can wear them day to night, which means you’re prepared for anything coming your way. 


  • Ballerina Flats 

 Ballet pumps are a style that is easily recognizable as it is classically French and influenced by the delicate style of authentic ballet dancing shoes. Ballet pumps, like ballet shoes, are traditionally lightweight and flexible, giving the foot an almost-naked, free experience as you walk. The style is often rounded at the toe, with short sides and a thin sole, and usually is plain and unadorned, but it is occasionally accented with a delicate bow at the front.  

 Thankfully, there aren’t any ways to go wrong with this most adaptable of shoe types. If you don’t own a pair of ballerina flats, this is the signal you’ve been looking for; grab them, gal!


This list of must-have shoes in your closet will give you a clear idea about planning your shoedrobe. Look for brands that experiment with their styles and offer superior quality. Though this list sums up all the primary footwear choices, you should always experiment with your style and find what suits you best.  

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