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7 Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If a landscaping update (or total renovation) is on your list this spring and summer there is no shortage of options. According to a report for Spring 2021 from Thumbtack backyard improvement projects are on the top of the list of projects homeowners plan to tackle during the next few months and landscaping in front yards will not be the sole thing that counts in landscaping.

Landscaping particularly is hot-button. Thumbtack reports that homeowners plan to spend anything between $1,034-$5,720 on landscaping their yards and creating a design. You can contact T&T Landscaping Company. They can help you.

If you’re looking for some ideas for your backyard , before you begin digging, building or Rototilling. Here’s seven of our top landscaping ideas for your backyard.

1. Incorporate Biophilic Design



It is not necessary to be in the midst of wildlife. Or old-growth trees to be at the same level as nature. Through the use of a combination of hardscapes and natural components such as grass and grass block pavers you could change your backyard that’s been used for commercial into a space which is peaceful (without changing the shape or purpose).

The experts at Belgard refer to this concept as “biophilic design,” and it’s one of the most important trends of this year in landscaping. According to Joe Raboine, director of residential hardscapes at Belgard.

If you’re trying to be in touch to the natural world without having to leave your home by incorporating a bit of biophilic design in your landscape design is a smart idea.

2. Separate Your Spaces

There’s a lot happening in your backyard: kids running around on trampolines, doggies playing around, gardening BBQs at the weekend, even yoga classes on Saturday mornings. Although it’s possible (and perhaps even more convenient) to build a multi-purpose space, it is also possible to create a division and take over, according to Pol Bishop, a U.K.-based gardening and landscaping expert with Fantastic Gardeners. A dog park to one end, an area to take a sun salute around the corner. A kids zone to the right and a section specifically for grills, smokers and wet bar outside. Some ways to create the spaces you want are making use of hedges, masonry edgings fencing and flower beds.

3. You can also add an Prefab Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Relaxing in your backyard does not have to mean sitting in the air. If you’re in need of some extra room for the redesign of your backyard, think about adding an additional dwelling unit in your landscaping design.

These charming units can be used as homes offices or guest suites, games/media rooms, fitness studios or even permanent residences to accommodate family members. Although creating an entire unit is definitely the best option for you, however, you could choose to go with a prefab option and buy one in kits.

4. Recreate Your Happiness Place



Topiary, which is the art of creating ornamental forms made from trees and plants can range from classy up to bizarre. Although basic shapes such as globes, cones, and spirals are regular (and perfect for backyard landscapes of all kinds) The use of topiary gives you the chance to add more unique to your backyard. Something that expresses your personal style and isn’t likely to be copied by the home across the street.

Some ideas for unique topiaries are arches, animal-shaped shapes as well as fences and furniture (yes you can make the perfect topiary table or chair). It is also possible to mix topiaries with planters and hardscapes and even go playful with a topiary that features your favourite Disney character. Some other ideas for fun include making mazes, spreading the topiary in a heart-shaped pattern or even making your animal-topiaries life-size.

5. Downscale Your Dreams

It’s not often that you get advice from someone to keep your goals to a minimum. However when it comes to landscaping your backyard, this might be the best way to make your vision a reality.

For instance, if are planning to build a large-scale outdoor kitchen. But are operating on the budget you have and you’re not ready to throw out the window. Since you’re unable to afford the full price of a built-in grill or outdoor cabinetry. You can rethink your plan to fit your budget. A mobile wet bar with storage, and a modest charcoal grill for instance is still a great way to cook and host parties outdoors without costing you a dime. It doesn’t need to be dull either. You can accomplish the same thing to enhance your outdoor space using budget-friendly kitchen equipment as you would use the best choices.

6. Landscape With Veggies

An elevated bed may not be the only suitable location for your garden vegetables. To make a change in the style of your garden, without losing the summer harvest, try placing your bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, summer squash and rosemary among your flower beds instead of to keep them away.

It is also possible to create an area around your beds by planting your preferred varieties of lettuce or cabbage. For those who like gardening in containers You can put pots. And other planters in various (albeit plants-friendly) places all over your backyard.

7. Be Certain When Choosing Topiary



Topiary, the art of making ornamental forms made from trees and plants that ranges from simple to up to bizarre. Although basic shapes such as globes, cones and spirals are typical (and perfect for most backyard landscaping) however, adding topiary can bring something unique in your backyard garden–something that reflects your personal style and won’t be replicated by the home that is across the road.

Topiaries that stand out are arches, animal shapes as well as fences and furniture (yes you can make an atopiary table or chair). It is also possible to mix topiaries with planters and hardscapes, or go for a full-on whimsy with a topiary that features your favourite Disney character. Some other ideas for fun include making mazes, spreading the topiary in a heart-shaped pattern or making your animal-topiaries life-size.

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