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8 benefits of the game in the little ones

Maria Montessori used to say that “play is children’s work”, but the current model of life has reduced playing time to the maximum. We are always in a hurry, we are super busy and we fill the day with activities that we consider beneficial for your future with App In PC.

What happens is that we are leaving aside the game. Children need to play, and despite what we tend to believe, play is not a waste of time. The benefits of the game for our children are numerous, let’s see these 8:

Playing facilitates learning. Patricia Ramírez , psychologist, points out that “we have undervalued the game because we associate it with irresponsible behavior. But quite the opposite. The game is a learning method that allows you to acquire knowledge in a relaxed and playful environment . In addition, the psychologist affirms, that “it has been shown that everything that is learned by playing is better understood, retained and reproduced”.

Playing encourages creativity and teaches them new skills. For example, it is very common that when playing they copy adults, and you see them behave like a police officer with years of experience or a teacher (and you see them negotiate, work as a team, motivate…)

Playing improves self-confidence. They lead the game, they decide what they do at each moment, they feel capable.
Playing makes us smile. We are relaxed, it is something fun, playing implies that we are predisposed to have a good time.

Play focuses attention. When do you see your son more concentrated, more absorbed in what he is doing, than when he is playing?

Playing builds their self-esteem. By playing, children learn to know themselves, to see their strengths and weaknesses and build their self-esteem.

Playing facilitates the secretion of endorphins. Endorphins reduce anxiety, “provoke analgesia, calming pain, improve mood and strengthen our immune system,” emphasizes Patricia.
With group play, they learn to relate to others, to collaborate, to understand social norms, to be more tolerant and civil.

Benefits of the game also at home

In the video Educating while playing , Patricia Ramírez gives us many ideas for games at home. One of them is that of words. A letter is said, example: S, and each one has to say a word that begins with that letter. Then one is asked to say a sentence with those words.

Then, the expert tells us how at home she uses games to educate. For example, instead of just rushing her son to get dressed and eat breakfast every morning, she says she times him and has him write it down in a notebook. Her son sees it as a game, he wants to win, he finds it funny, and he takes it better. She is getting what she wants (which is that her son is not late for three hours in the morning) by playing.
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Another game is ‘Who is able to eat at the table like a polite person?’

The main thing, Patricia suggests, is to look for a model. “Ask your children to tell you a character in a movie who eats politely. Surely they associate it with a polite princess and we ask them to define a little how a princess would act at the table: she would say thank you when someone brings her something, she would wipe her mouth with her napkin, she would not say ‘Yuck’”.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have any infallible game to educate your children? Share it with us on our social networks!


According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child in its article 31 “playing is a fundamental need for their physical, social and emotional development, so it is up to parents, educators and society in general to promote it” .

By playing we learn to respect the rules of society, to accept that in life we ​​can win and lose and we learn to have patience to solve problems among others, that is, innumerable useful behaviors for life in coexistence and we learn skills from a very young age and behaviors that since then will help us to coexist in the society in which we live in a correct way.

At very early ages, play is a very important factor in both psychological and physical development.

Both parents and teaching professionals it is extremely important that we use the game to interact with minors since this is the engine of communication and to relate to children and at the same time it is how they are more spontaneous when acting.

The game is an innate act that helps them discover the world, discover their own abilities, skills and limits, relate to other people and objects.


There are innumerable benefits of the game, we highlight the following:

They facilitate socialization both with their peers and with the adults around us and help create emotional ties with others.
They favor the discovery of skills, abilities and also our own limits.
They help to respect others, to acquire rules and encourage patience, for example when waiting for game turns.
Problem resolution
Power creativity and imagination .


Board games : hand-eye coordination, spatial relationship, enhance memory and attention
Group games : favor rhythm, impulse control, social relations
Fantasy games : develops imagination, creativity and social skills


At an early age it would be optimal to play whenever we can and favor this space and enjoy them to the fullest.
Depending on the age, alternate free activities and others that have rules but without the adult being an authoritarian figure but guiding the game.
It is important that they know how to choose their favorite games , whether they are dolls or cars. The most important thing that the type of game is the benefits that they generate.

Television, computers, consoles and tablets should not replace this space and use them as a tool so they don’t bother and are entertained.
We must give them opportunities to play with different materials, different places to play and also encourage them to go to parks or museums specially designed for the little ones .


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