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A list of items for moving to an assisted living home

When your loved ones start to age, the option to change is not easy for them. Assisted living is a good step between independent living and longer-term nursing care. Assisted living facilities offer an apartment lifestyle with assistance in food preparation, medication and personal services, such as bathing. Although what can be taken may vary slightly from center to center, more offer a list of what is allowed and what is needed.


More assisted living facilities do not provide furniture. However, if the resident requires special items for health reasons, such as a hospital bed, Medicare or Medicaid will pay for them. When taking your own furniture, consider the size and layout of your apartment. Taking small objects is better–like a chest of drawers rather than a large sideboard. Basic items should include a bed, something to store clothes and a comfortable chair or recliner. In addition, take a TV that can fit well in a chest of drawers and an alarm clock.


Closet space is provided, though it’s often not a large space. When packing clothes, pack only those things that can be stored in a chest of drawers or a small closet. Wear clothes that fit the season and any situations that arise, but store clothes out of season and then exchange them for that when it’s time. Make wise decisions and don’t pack everything, or you’ll feel overwhelmed and crowded.

Keeping the Memories

Going into an assisted living facility does not mean leaving behind memories. It is understandable if loved ones want to take family photos, or quilts that are comforting and books to read.

Medical Information

Because assisted living facilities can help with some health care, such as transportation to doctor’s visits and medication management, it is important that your medical information be readily available. This includes the names of doctors and dentists and a current list of medications and any medical conditions.

Other important records

You must take all legal documents, including wills and DNR orders, financial documents, birth certificates, insurance information, and passports. Also, take all checkbooks, credit cards, personal phone books, emergency contact names, numbers, and identification.

Toiletries and other items

Bring toiletries. More assisted living facilities do not include items such as shampoo, conditioners, and soap. Also, take your keys, a flashlight, small tools, and adhesive bandages.

If you have a loved one going into assisted living in St Petersburg FL or elsewhere, follow these recommendations to make the transition smoother and to maintain comfort.

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