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Advantages Of Online Store On The Magento

Someone calls Magento the “younger brother” of Shopify. And “not the most popular platform for creating an online store”, but the facts speak for themselves. Today, Magento is one of the most famous solutions in this area, with about 300,000 active stores running on it.

According to other data (oh, those infographics marketing wars!) – Magento is in the 2nd place, third only to WooCommerce and Prestashop.

Be that as it may. Magento has been and remains one of the most sought-after platforms for creating an online store.

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What makes Magento like this?

It is an e-commerce engine

Namely, it was created as an engine for small and medium-sized stores. There are many ready-made high-quality store templates, so many people moving from Shopify to a more serious CMS prefer Magento.


Magento is free. This is one of the significant benefits for start-up stores that are simply not willing to pay for an expensive commercial CMS.

No limit on the number of items

A common pain for many constructors is to set a limit on the size of the directory. If you want to sell more goods – pay.

The engine is focusing on small and medium-sized retailers. Magento does not have such a rule. which is beneficial because it theoretically allows any store to utilize it, including Amazon.

Lots of responsive themes Magento have

Optimization for mobile traffic today is a pillar of effective marketing. If in 2015 mobile users generated only 30% of traffic, today they have caught up with desktop users.

E-commerce did not stand aside – the number of purchases from smartphones and tablets has grown across all industries over the past year. The leaders are clothing (+40%), consumer electronics (+40%), and household goods (+45%).

The adaptability of the layout is the advantage that the CMS itself relies on (which is easy to see in the demo version).

A high-quality adaptive template helps not only to retain a visitor and more effectively convert him into a buyer but also improves positions in mobile search engine results.

There are more than 1900 topics in the catalog.

Rich functionality out of the box

If the same Shopify is famous mainly due to the variety of its extensions, then Magento is a ready-made “packaged” solution for e-commerce and you will need a minimum of modules.

There is analytics on sales, orders, average check, visits, and conversions. SEO optimization at all levels is available. Separation of user rights – again. Built-in payment modules – too. In general, enough for long weeks of study.

Ease of use without technical skills

Magento is one of the engines that can be handled without the help of programmers (hello Shopify).

All actions with program logic are literally “designed” in the built-in visual editor. For example, this is how the process of creating rules for a cart looks like – fields, tips, switches.

Community and Support By Magento

Lively and active communities in all languages ​​are a strength of Magento.

An important element of Magento’s support is a network of certified partner agencies that can help you optimize the technical side of your business. Choose a country, and the expertise you need, and get a list.

And Magento has been keeping a helpful blog since the very beginning, since 2008

Covering Up

Magento is good for small- and medium-sized online stores. Your trusty new friend and devoted partner for many years to come will be the platform. It will point you in the direction of your e-commerce business’s most profitable store. No matter how big or little your business is, it doesn’t matter.

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