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Air Freight From China Vs Sea Freight From China

Trade has been taking place since the start of human civilization. Trade has been the basis of the financial and cultural evolution of different human civilizations. China is one the most populous countries in the world. Countries around the world have always desired favorable trade with China. The ancient silk trade route is an example through which silk and spices were traded from China to Europe. Major cities like Bukhara and Samarkand prospered along this silk trade route. 

In recent times, the increase in E-commerce businesses around the world has further increased trade with China. China is a great source of cheap products, due to its low-cost labor. Businesses around the world prefer China as the source of their product. China is currently one of the largest exporters in the world. Trade with China is mainly done through either Air or Sea logistics. The most famous term of delivery from China in DDP logistics is DDP sea shipping and DDP air shipping.

AIR vs SEA Freight

In our today’s blog, we will discuss in detail the comparison of both modes of transportation Air vs Sea freight. Both DDP air shipping and Ddp sea shipping have their own advantage and disadvantages. The shipping cost of a product from China has a large impact on the Transfreight Logistics. Air freight from China and Sea freight from China is eventually paid by the consumer, as the final price.


Ddp air shipping options are available from China. China has international airports in almost all major cities of the region. Many buyers also use the option of FedEx and DHL for express shipping. Air Express shipping is a bit expensive, but suits for small quantities and samples with a short lead time. Once the buyer has decided on the Air freight from China, he must know about the nearest airport. Following is the list of the major Airports in China.

  1. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  2. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
  3. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  4. Beijing Capital International Airport
  5. Xian Xian yang International Airport
  6. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  7. Tianjin Binhal International Airport


Ddp air shipping is the fastest and most reliable shipping from China. Air shipping from China is being offered by multiple companies from multiple cities of China. By using the Ddp air shipping option the buyers get their product in the fastest possible time to its location. Ddp logistics the buyer gets his products at his doorstep, without any hassle.


The biggest disadvantage of Ddp air shipping is it is much more expensive as compared to Ddp sea shipping. The second disadvantage of air vs sea shipping is the limitation of volume air shipping can handle. Further, there is also a limitation to the type of cargo that can be handled by the Ddp air shipping. Ddp air shipping has limitations to gas, explosive and inflammable material, due to safety concerns. High packaging cost due to more packing requirements in Air cargo is also another issue for the buyer.


Sea freight is the most widely used mode of transportation in the world. Most buyer from china also prefers to use Ddp sea shipping on priority over Ddp air shipping. China is a sea blessed country, with a wide sea belt. China has multiple seaports in different port cities. Buyer must know about the major seaports in China, Major seaports in China are as follows: 

  1. Guangzhou Port
  2. Shanghai Port 
  3. Xiamen Port
  4. Hong Kong international terminal ltd
  5. Macau Container Port
  6. Port of Tianjin
  7. Qinhuangdao Port
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The shipping cost of DDP sea shipping is much cheaper than Ddp air shipping. Buyers prefer to ship Chinese goods using a sea shipping company. Sea Freight from China makes it attractive for the buyer. The shipping company has the capacity to cargo any volume or type of cargo, that has limitations in Air shipping. 


The disadvantage of using DDP sea freight when we compare air vs sea freight is the lead time. Sea shipping takes a longer time as compared to air cargo. Secondly the limitation of sea shipping during the winters, due to handing issues at some port.

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