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Amazing Tips to Move Your Furniture Safely

Moving your household items is a tough task for you. Not many people are ready to help you during your DIY move.

Lifting your bulky items and finally moving them to your desired location is a big problem for you. It becomes more challenging if are looking for a DIY move.

Many people understand the complexities of a move. They search for the best packers and movers for their move. They trust these movers for their moving work.

However, that does not mean that you can’t move your furniture alone. Well, you only need a proper method to move these furniture items.

Use Good Lifting Techniques

You can easily lift your goods if you follow the best tips to shift your furniture. There are many lifting methods that will be useful for you in lifting these items.

Using good lifting methods have more benefits than one. You don’t have to use more energy if you are applying these techniques. This makes the entire moving task much easier for you.

However, you should learn how to lift your furniture to avoid any scratches or damage to your walls. Remember, you also have to be safe while doing this work.

When you lift any items, put the weight on your legs and not on your back. This will be very helpful for you while lifting heavy items.

Also, make sure to carry the weight of the furniture close to you. This will help in balancing the product properly.

Plan The Furniture Moving Process

Moving your furniture needs good planning on your part. It is not an easy process. So, you need to take care of every little aspect of your shifting process.

Make sure to use your inventory and see the product you need to move to your destination.

You need to load the heavy items at the back of the moving truck. So, you need to lift heavy items followed by light items.

Collect Your Furniture Lifting Equipment

If you are a DIY mover, you can use the best lifting equipment to lift your products. Many people are ignorant about these tools. They end up getting drained after lifting their furniture through these tools.

You can find these items easily in the market. It is easy to purchase and take these items on rent. A few useful lifting tools for moving your furniture are moving straps, furniture dollies, and furniture sliders.

Let’s know about them one by one: –

  • Furniture Sliders

These products are highly beneficial for lifting your bulky furniture. They are used widely for lifting your furniture. The packers and movers also use these tools to lift your furniture.

Using these tools is very easy. You only need to place them under each leg of your furniture. Once you do it, you can easily slide your furniture onto your floor.

Sliding them to the floor won’t leave any scratches on them. Also, you will find it easy to slide them even on the carpet.

  • Moving Straps

These tools greatly help you in lifting your heavy furniture. It is easy to lift any heavy item with the help of these tools. You can easily adjust them according to your furniture.

Apart from these tools, you can find other tools to move your furniture. These tools let you move your furniture without any risk.

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Dismantle Your Furniture

You can’t move large and heavy furniture. So, it would be best if you dismantle the furniture. If you do this, it will be easy for you to move them to your new place.

You can lift all small pieces of furniture easily. All these furniture pieces include drawers, knobs, legs, cushions, etc.

Make sure to keep the screws and other small parts of the furniture in a safe place. This will help you find them easily once you start reassembling them. You can keep these items in a bag and carry them during the move.

Get Your Friends’ Help

If you are moving all alone, the best thing would be to ask for your friends’ help. Your friends will be ready to help you during your furniture relocation.

If you have heavy furniture, tell your friends to lift the items safely. This way you can save your furniture from any damage. Also, your friends too will be safe during the relocation.

Hiring The Reputed Packers and Movers

Moving your furniture items is not easy if you opt for a DIY move. So, you need the help of packers and movers from Hyderabad to Pune for this purpose. Professional movers have great domain expertise with them.

So, they find it easy to shift any of your furniture to any location. But you should take care of researching a good mover first.

It is easy to find a good mover. You need to compare the quotes of different movers to find the best-suited one for you.

A moving company has efficient moving employees. These employees are highly experienced in shifting your fragile goods.

You can also avail of other services from the movers such as insurance and storage facility. Both of these services are very useful to you during the whole furniture relocation process.

Go For Safe Practices

Another thing to consider is to maintain all safety practices while moving your furniture. Make sure to stretch your body first before lifting these items.

These items are very heavy. So, you need extra energy to lift them. Also, you can get the help of more and more friends. If you have large manpower, you can lift these objects without any risk.

Also, your furniture moving task will be completed within a short duration. You can also search for other safe practices to apply during your furniture relocation.

Think Of A Good Unloading Plan

It is better to plan your unloading process beforehand. Unloading your furniture will be easy for you once you have good planning.

Make sure to unload the small boxes first. Once you unload all your products, it’s time to organize your moving items.


You can use other tips as well to shift your furniture to your new destination safely. However, you need to contact leading packers and movers for this purpose.


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