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Backstroke technique: knowing swimming

The backstroke technique is considered one of the most complex in the world of swimming due to the position that the body adopts with respect to the water surface with lifeguard training, countless people get nervous before entering the pool to learn this. style.

Have you gotten nervous before doing the back style? The goal is to go step by step and despite not being so chaotic for everyone, some suffer. In that order of ideas, it is advisable to know more about swimming and the technique of the backstroke. Let’s get started!

Back style technique

It is about the proper execution of movements to move within the water surface, which must be in a supine position or back to the water with lifeguard training. This location is the main reason for making mistakes in the technique, a problem that in most cases comes from basic education –floating deficit-.

This is divided into the upper and lower limb movements that are known in swimming as the stroke and kick, respectively. The well-performed technique requires the coordination of both body segments, in addition to other aspects that will be discussed later.

Stroke technique

Also known as arm action, it is in charge of propelling the body into the pool. It is divided into aerial phase and aquatic phase, which in turn are divided into subphases with lifeguard training, responsible for the important functions in the backstroke style.

Aerial phase

As its name indicates, the aerial phase takes place when the arm leaves the water making the journey to return to it; it is also often called recovery, taking into account that it is the impulse taken by the limb to propel itself back into the water surface. Unlike the aquatic phase, it is not made up of sub-phases, taking place in a single gesture.

Aquatic phase

On the other hand, the great effort of the stroke occurs during the aquatic phase, known as traction due to the process carried out by the arm to push the rest of the body. Within this, the following subphases are distinguished.

  1. Entry.
  2. Grip.
  3. Pull.
  4. Push.

Each one fulfills a different function from the other, but they are totally linked by being part of a sequential process of the backstroke technique.

Kick technique

For its part, the leg action is the perfect complement to the stroke within the swimming technique; This is due to the way it works. First of all, it contributes to the stability of the body, keeping it in a horizontal position; In addition, the flexion and extension of the ankle help in the propulsion in the water.

It is usually compared to the kick in the front crawl or free-kick; however, it has some differences that characterize it. The most relevant of them is the bending of the legs – at the height of the knees – which is more pronounced at the beginning of the technical gesture.

The backstroke kick technique is divided into two major gestures called ascending and descending.

Upward kick

Distinguished as an ascending shake, it is in charge of propelling, along with the stroke, the body. As its name implies, it occurs when one of the legs makes the upward movement, achieving hip extension and full leg extension.

Downward kick

The descending beat, for its part, indicates the opposite of that described above. This occurs when the leg goes from top to bottom, achieving a slight hip flexion and leg extension.

It should be noted that both shakes occur at the same time asymmetrically, one on the right leg and the other on the left, and vice versa; this takes into account that it is a continuous movement.

Other Aspects of the Backstroke Technique

The technique requires excellent execution on the part of the stroke and the kick; despite this, they are not the only aspects necessary to perform it in the best way.

To carry it out, it is recommended to have good management of spatial orientation. Float well within the water surface. Have the ability to keep the body-oriented on a horizontal axis. A muscle tone according to the needs of this sport.

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