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Best 5 Social Media Share Buttons Plugins For Any WordPress Website

Are you looking for your WordPress website’s best social media share buttons plugins? So, In this article, you will get our compiled list of 5 social media share icon plugins! As you may be aware, social sharing has become essential to our online experience. It’s also constantly getting more popular. As per the report, 72% of internet users use social media, making it an important marketing platform that you should not overlook.

Following a Google search, social media is the most important source of site traffic. Except for traditional marketing and television ads, it allows for two-way contact, contributing to brand awareness growth. Integration of your site with the correct social media tools is one of the simplest ways to use social media’s ability to enhance your online visibility. Making quality content is only half the battle. The other tricky part is putting it in front of the targeted users. That’s where social networking site sharing can help you in blogging and content marketing. Your site’s visitors may share content instantaneously by using a share button on practically every screen.

As a result, If you don’t have social media share buttons on your WordPress site, you’re probably losing a lot of potential visitors. There are some Most Popular WordPress Themes offer that come with social media plugin integrated, but if don’t have social media plugin integrated you can download one. In this article, I will describe the top 5 best social media share button plugins, which our expert developer picks. Each was chosen for great features, updates frequency, assistance, and user ratings.

Let’s Dive In, Best 5 Social Media Share Buttons WordPress Plugins.

Let’s look at the many types of social media plugins before we get into the specific plugins. The Social networking plugins can be classified as follows based on the features they provide-

  1. Social Media Share Buttons
  2. Social Media Feeds
  3. The Social Media Icons
  4. Social Media Poster
  5. Social Media Review Feeds
  6. Last, Social Logins & Comments

So, let’s look at some fantastic social media share button plugins that can be used on your website.

We took the initiative and carefully checked each plugin to assist you in making the best decision possible. At the end of this article, we’re also sharing the top 5 WordPress themes compatible with most social media share button plugins!

1. Social Snap

Social Snap is an excellent plugin to install if you’re searching for an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to display both social media share buttons and social follow buttons. Apart from this, The Social Snap plugin supports over 30 social networks and apps, allowing your audience to share your content via their preferred app or web. It is a developer-friendly plugin, and add-ons can be used to increase its functionality. Another advantage of Social Snap is the ability to include a tweetable quotation box in various styles within your content box and add custom Twitter quotes to individual articles. By leveraging the power of social media, Social Snap is a solid social share plugin for a WordPress site that makes it easier you drive more audiences and generate engagement.

Below Are The Unique Features Of Social Snap:-

  • Buttons are inline and floating.
  • Share Buttons Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere
  • Counters for individual and total shares
  • Stats, analytics, and Click to tweet feature

2. Share Buttons By AddToAny

Share Buttons by AddToAny provides over 100 social media share buttons, even though you are unlikely to use them. It earns a spot on this list because it offers many customizing options for any WordPress user. By allowing people to share your posts and pages to any service, the AddToAny Share Buttons plugin for WordPress enhances traffic and conversions. It has over 100 sharing and social networking sites and apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit.

You may find social media share button plugins for free and with many features if you look for them. AddToAny is one of the free plugins with many cool features that can help you increase your social media traffic. Since 2006, AddToAny has been the home of universal sharing; now, it has become WordPress’s most popular social media share buttons plugin.

Below Are The Unique Features Of Social Snap-

  • Social share and follow buttons
  • It’s a free plugin which you can use effectively
  • On mobile, you can hide specific buttons

3. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social is a free plugin that lets you add social media share buttons to your website for over 100 social media platforms. It has the best social media share interface! It features a variety of button styles, and you can customize where the button appears (before or after the content or manually). Sassy Social includes a feature that counts each network’s social shares. You may also display the total number of shares across all social media platforms. Sassy Social is also functional with BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce, as well as GDPR-compliant and Gutenberg-friendly. It does not need third-party registrations or technological expertise; you don’t have to register on the Sassy Social website to use this plugin. With Sassy Social, you get a tonne of capabilities to customize your social share buttons to your preference.

Below Are The Unique Features Of Social Snap-

  • It adds social media sharing buttons with a total count
  • A free and lightweight social share plugin for you
  • Customize the behaviour of social media buttons, and make them user friendly

4. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a social sharing and following button plugin designed to help you gain extra following and shares on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Apart from this, Social Warfare is an appealing plugin with many useful functions. It works with the most well-built WordPress themes and supports prominent social networks. This plugin allows you to place social sharing icons on your website page in five places. There are several designs of sharing buttons, and they support more than 20 social media networks. For some businesses, the potential gain in traffic from Pinterest involvement is high.

That’s why a lot of photography WordPress websites use this plugin. Pinterest-specific photos can be loaded using Social Warfare without impacting the standard images. Add-ons can be used to expand the capabilities of Social Warfare, and this plugin is also developer-friendly. It contains an important Frame Buster plugin, which secures your information by prohibiting anybody else from rewriting it. It offers a free basic version that you may download from On the other hand, the premium version offers many extra features, such as Pinterest-specific photos and more.

Below Are The Unique Features Of Social Snap-

  • Support more than 20 social media platforms
  • Choose how you want to structure your social media share buttons
  • Use popups to show social media sharing buttons, and it has multiple styles

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5. Simple Social Buttons

The Simple Social Buttons is a free WordPress social media share buttons plugin with many excellent features and functionality. Simple Social Buttons, for your information, supports all major social media platforms. With social media buttons, every one of your visitors can share your material on their favourite social networks, whether you have a website or a blog. Furthermore, Simple Social Buttons can be added to the sidebar, above or below content, photographs, popup, and anything else you can think of.

You may personalize the backdrop, change the symbol’s colour, disable social sharing on mobile devices, and enable the hover effect. The variety of button designs available, especially if you have the premium edition, is one of the plugin’s unique features. So, here are five of the best social media share buttons plugins for your WordPress website to help you bring your content marketing to the next level.

Below Are The Unique Features Of Social Snap-

  • Choose from a variety of button styles
  • Add social media sharing and follow buttons
  • Use blocks, widgets, or shortcodes to display your feed.


Hope this article helped you find the best plugin for WordPress website. There are many premium wp themes that are specifically design will social media in mind. You can also get themes and plugins at much cheaper rate with WordPress Theme Bundle. Do check out this bundle and let us know if our article helped you.

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