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Boost Digital Mailroom Efficiency With Innovative Solution

No matter if you own the residential or commercial property. One of your main responsibility is to make sure that tenants receive their parcels on time. Even if they’re not inside the building when the package arrives. To manage all the deliveries and packages, many property managers have decided to store packages from one location called the mailroom. But how do you best to manage the digital mailroom? What can you do to use technology to run your mailroom to the highest effectiveness?

Digital Mailroom – Save Your Money

With a paperless mailbox it is possible to create all kinds of mailers and letters digitally in your neighborhood. This is a significant advantage to your community by conserving money and making the environment more sustainable. Moreover, here are three ways to save money in your mailroom.

Reduced Printing and Postage Cost

Our one-stop ordering platform lets users order and print all sorts of mail-related forms conveniently at home or in their office. You can make orders for mailers, statements notices for letters, and much more through your personal computer. Also this will save your visits to the postal office, and costs on printing. Being more in control of the printing process gives your company an edge in the market and lets to reduce time and costs. Make use of this advantage to put your money and efforts back into your company, making time available to offer the best customer service for your customers.

Save money on delivery

With the mailroom app, you can get real-time reports and tracking. When you required to mail coupons, forms and notices lets you mail in bulk and provides various delivery options. Also, you have the option to track every mailer you mail out at no additional cost. You can save money on delivery.

Reduced Costs and Paper Use

Mailroom improves your efficiency by allowing communication tasks to print remotely and then mail. This relieves your employees and you from the tedious tasks of folding, printing and stuffing, as well as mailing on your own. Mailroom helps you make, send and keep track of all your communications, including letters. This will not only save you time, but it also saves you money too. Begin using mailroom today to begin seeing incredible results.

Mailroom Automatization Solutions


Utilize our expertise in the fields of law and finance. We have created document scanning technology that has an efficient processing system. Also our equipment is custom made to fit your requirements, regardless of whether you need several hundred pieces per day to hundreds of thousands. Utilizing the proprietary technology for optical character recognition, our software can scan the most difficult images identifyrs, and also a vast range of mail and document dimensions. Due to the software’s capability to read barcodes and text our solutions can be completely customized to meet the requirements of all industries by the development of any needed sorting rules.


Our years of experience in digital mailroom processes has enabled the development of openers and extractors through our time. Since the 1980’s, Cambridge has had a huge success from the beginning, with a small six-person team of financial professionals, we have grown to hundreds of employees in dozens of different industries. From a simple manned machine to massively automated workstations, we have created and implemented solutions to meet all levels of requirement.


Speed and efficiency is the main goal that drove the creation of mail sorters. One person can handle hundreds of thousands of mail pieces each day. Also the system of loading will automatically adjust to a large variety of mail, including letters of various thickness. The bins designed into the system to separate the mail according to any number of predefined rules. The machine approved and authorized for use by US Government in conjunction widespread adoption across the world. Also utilizing mass-certified mailers can provide huge discounts on presorts.

Mailroom Automation Benefits

The lowest Operating Costs

Companies with multiple locations globally, nationally, or locally will have a straightforward solution for handling the incoming mail. The software, hardware, and installation are very adaptable. This eliminates any concerns related to security or handling of mail and allowing the most important business tasks to be put to use.

Increased Productivity in a Shorter Time

The scanning of mail using optical technology sends mail items to be routed according to various rules required. These rules are able to be change over time to adhere to requirements and standards in addition. Normal mailroom processes typically take many days or weeks to process huge incoming mail amounts. Your mail incoming processed in a matter of minutes, but also eliminated any manual handling or exchange that often lead in chain of custody issues. Thanks to Corporate Services your pivotal documents handled in a speedy and efficiently. Your employees are able to be transfer and assig to focus on other tasks.

Centralized Documents

Our digital mailroom solutions manage all aspects of your documents. This allows identification as well as labeling, sorting and arranging of all the pieces. The software can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Security systems enforced by allowing only a list of approved users to see certain documents. The inefficient and sloppy mailroom operation eliminated. The latest and most powerful cutting-edge extraction, sorting and capturing technology allows Cambridge to provide the most advanced automation of your mailroom to your company.


Digital mailrooms are the automated handling of both mail that is outbound and inbound. Moreover, it is utilizing advanced processes for creating and processing documents that are which are in sync with document scanning and document capture postage payment technology, and much more.


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