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Bridging the Gap between Estimators and Contractors: The Role of Takeoff Software in Construction

Traditionally speaking, a quantity takeoff is prepared by an estimator trained in how to read plans, convert them into quantities, analyse the costs, assess any risks, and create a professional document that wins jobs. For the average contractor or small builder, hiring an estimator is often too expensive. So, they try to create them for themselves. Usually, this means they produce an inaccurate estimate that doesn’t look professional and doesn’t win bids. However, takeoff software for construction is now bridging the gap between estimator and contractor. Let’s explore how.


As we’ve already explained, preparing a takeoff can be an arduous task. Converting the blueprints into quantities, tasks, the labor needed, costs, understanding time schedules, and completing a risk assessment takes knowledge, instinct, and time. With takeoff software though you can upload the project details and the software will do the hard work for you, removing the aspect of human error, and completing them 80% faster than traditional takeoff methods. This means they no longer need to be done by expensive estimators but contractors, small builders, construction managers, basically anyone can create a quick, accurate takeoff themselves.


There are many reasons why alterations are made throughout a construction project and, again, traditionally this could become a costly, time-consuming process. Whereas takeoff software can accommodate changes quickly and help organise the tasks that the changes alter. Schedules can be rearranged, communication sent out to the relevant parties, and all the project’s information stored on the one cloud-based platform where the stakeholders can access it on their smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer anywhere they have internet access.


Even once the estimating part of the process is completed, using takeoff software is smart business. The help it will şişli eskort provide for your business goes well beyond preparing accurate takeoffs quickly. Some of the other things takeoff software can do include:

  • Professional quotes
  • Manage equipment, tools, laborers, contractors, and suppliers
  • Document storage
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Compare past projects
  • Scheduling
  • Reports
  • Risk management

You can also integrate your accounting software and manage your finances, pay invoices or create them, all from one platform – takeoff software.


Although saving money is great the benefits that matter most are the saving of time and stress. Yes, things are still probably going to go wrong from time to time but with takeoff software you can fix them quickly and with much less stress. So, why not give it a try? You can get a 14-day free trial from Buildxact or book a demo to see what their takeoff software can do to improve your work, and family, life.

Preparing an accurate quantity takeoff is a critical part of a successful construction project so to ensure yours is completed quickly, accurately, professionally, and without costing a fortune use takeoff software. From start to finish your construction projects will benefit from construction management software and your business will thrive. So, don’t waste any more money or continue to lose bids on bad estimates, contact Buildxact today.

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