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Build a Compact Gaming Computer That Still Packs a Punch

The operating system is more than simply a “vehicle;” it’s a trustworthy travel buddy. In fact, it’s safe to say that we’re addicted to our computer. I don’t care if I’m working or relaxing. I always want to have something beautiful and interesting to look at next to me. Not simply a metal “coffin” full of accessories.

It’s best if it’s homemade. Ideally in a standing position. The shop won’t provide this, even if they do, it will cost much too much. It’s clear that you need some time to compose yourself. Our resources go into detail on the inner workings and features of portable gaming PCs.

To follow the current fashion

Using a traditional tower case as an example. I documented the process of building a system unit in great detail last year. Yes, and under the banner “Computer of the Month”. Whereby your obedient servant will present the month’s five top recommendations. Standard-sized cases predominate.

Putting together one of these systems is easy, provided you follow the directions precisely. provides you with more information about the latest updates for gaming computers. It comes as no surprise that choosing which parts to use is the hardest part of the job.

Therefore, it’s crucial that everything be compatible. However, this operation becomes significantly more challenging when dealing with a tiny computer. Since there is often just 10–20 liters of room available for placing iron. However, it’s far more fascinating to gather such a system.

Significant development

This post was inspired by a confluence of events. The growing tendency toward miniaturization is the primary impetus. Popularity of compact systems has increased.

You may get a variety of ready-made solutions from different vendors at any of the exhibitions you go to. Along with a wide selection of unique add-ons. In a nutshell, the people at Valve decided to convert a desktop computer into a gaming device. They’ve dubbed the Steam Machine.

When using a computer in the living area, space is wasted everywhere. A combination tiny desktop PC/Xbox is rumored to be in the works from Microsoft. Small yet mighty systems “scurry around” everywhere you look.

Several instances may be found with little effort. At this year’s spring CeBIT convention. Gaming micro systems stood out among the many new computing advances on display. In the March issue of Iron Workbench, I discussed them in depth.


ZOTAC, for instance, has unveiled a powerful gaming “PC” called the MAGNUS. In a chassis measuring 230 x 203 x 130 mm. The company’s experts were able to install a Core i5-6400 (review) with four cores and a GeForce GTX 980 (review) (6 liters )× Simultaneously. An unsupervised “dropsy” was fed to the video card.

MSI’s Vortex gaming station was apparently influenced by Apple’s cylindrical Mac Pro computer (review). The builders managed to cram a Core i7-6700K CPU and 2 GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards into a case. That was only 6.5 liters (270 mm) in height.


Such systems are common and may be found in many places. Currently available: ASUS ROG G20 (12.5 liters). Alien ware, GIGABYTE, and Intel are just a few of the manufacturers that make compact gaming systems. In their own ways, they’re all excellent.

The most exciting part, though, is building such a computer from scratch, with total freedom over component selection. Fortunately, small casings are easily accessible, just like any other piece of gaming gear. Self-sobor will save you money regardless of the circumstances.

There are, essentially, a few different kinds of small cases. Cubic bare-bones cases are the first type. Shuttle, a business based in Taiwan, has been manufacturing tiny form factor PCs. Since 1983, which helped to increase their popularity.

The motherboard is often mounted horizontally at the base. A power source and other components sit above it. Popular computer cases include Cooler Master’s Elite 120 Advanced model (review).

Because there is no hidden compartment under the chassis on the “bare-bones”. Extensive fiddling is required to properly route all the cables.

Second, there is a subset of compact situations that take the form of mini towers. Compact tower computers that can house both mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards. The SilverStone FT03/FT03-MINI, which measures 189 x 397 x 235 mm (17.6 liters). Is suitable for use with a graphics card of 250 mm in length. The case has achieved cult status, and there is a dedicated thread just on forum. Where users can discuss and share their own builds using the chassis.

Graphite Collection

Other popular towers are the Bit Fenix Prodigy (review). AeroCool Dead Silence Cube (review), and Corsair Graphite Series 380T.

The motherboard is installed horizontally. And space is provided beneath the chassis for the PSU, drive cage, and other components. The MSI Night blade PC series is another illustration.

The third variety is made up of Slim Desktop/HTPC cases. They look like PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones on the outside.

Basically, their dimensions are identical. The video card’s height and the CPU cooler’s model are both limit by the case’s height. All the internal components, including the motherboard, power supply, and hard drives. Are mounted on a single side of the casing.

I’ll use Cooler Master’s little and reasonably priced Elite 110 case as an illustration here. The gadget has a tiny 15-liter internal volume thanks to its tiny 260x208x280-mm footprint.

Consider the power source.

Incredibly compact for a shell that supports an ATX power supply. ZOTAC MAGNUS & ASUS ROG G20 have the same dual “feeder” exterior design.

Not by random chance are members of Elite 110 selected. Again, it’s quite small, which will make finding and assembling the necessary parts a challenge. That’s a huge improvement. Second, the form factor of the casing is quite standard.

This model is comparable to the widely used Thermaltake Core V1. The Fractal Styling Node 304 Black, and the SilverStone SG05B-LITE. However, they are all significantly bigger than Elite 110.

With this case, I am tasked with building not simply a functional computer. But a gaming rig capable of competing with older Full/Midi-Tower systems in terms of performance. That’s why we’re only talking about the best equipment money can buy. And a healthy dose of overclocking — no compromises. Full HD Mobil Reklamsız Bedava , Liseli Porno, Anal Porno, Lezbiyen Porno, Rus Porno, Tecavüz Porno, Porno Filmleri, ile giriş yapmadan izle, ücretsiz porno indir yada ful hd erotik porno fantezi filmleri ücretsiz seyret!

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