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Deciphering the Debate: Does Apoquel Raise Cancer Risks in Dogs?

If you have ever used Apoquel for treating chronic dog allergies in your dog, you might have been warned about the potential side effects of this medication by your vet. While researching this medication before using it, you might have heard some chit-chat about Apoquel causing cancer. Does Apoquel cause cancer in dogs? Well, there are a lot of controversies about this specific issue, and today, we will unfold those controversial chapters of Apoquel in this blog and Apoquel 5.4 mg Dosage.

A Brief to Apoquel

You might or might not know about the Apoquel. Before getting into the controversies about this medication, let’s take a moment to learn about Apoquel. Apoquel is a widely recognized medication among pet owners, relieving all the allergic symptoms caused by dogs because of atopic dermatitis, different environmental allergens, and food allergens. In the medical field and pet pharmacies, it is referred to as Oclacitinib and is prescribed medicine.

The Controversy of Apoquel

Lately, there have been rising concerns about the safety profile of Apoquel. A controversy has been raised among the pet owners linking Apoquel with cancer. The main bases of this controversy are some anecdotal reports and a lack of research regarding the long-term use of Apoquel. In addition, some social media posts and videos have been seen sharing such kind of information regarding this particular medication. However, there is no practical and lawful proof to the statement that Apoquel causes cancer. The controversies are based on rumors and have no hard proof to rely upon, Read More.

Reasons for Raising the Controversy

  • Lack of Research on Apoquel for Long-term Use: Apoquel has been proven effective in treating allergic symptoms by providing instant relief, but there needs to be proper research regarding the long-term use of Apoquel for allergy management. The safety profile of Apoquel has been created based on short-term trials and studies. This is one of the main reasons for rising controversies about Apoquel being linked with cancer.
  • Anecdotal Reports: Although Apoquel has been reported positively for relieving allergic symptoms in many dogs, some pet owners have also reported some cases of their pets developing lymphoma or mast cell tumors after using Apoquel. But, no exact research has been done in these cases to find the truth, and the mystery remains unrevealed.
  • Social media posts: The topic has also been discussed on social media platforms, especially on TikTok. A holistic pet expert has shared a video on Tiktok where she suggests not using Apoquel for the long term and also says that it is linked to cancer. Her video has made different pet owners worldwide wonder about the topic and hence has raised controversy. But similar to what I have said previously, she has not mentioned any reliable proof regarding the concern.

A Perspective by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. is responsible for evaluating and monitoring the safety of all veterinary medications. Regarding the topic of Apoquel linking with cancer, the FDA has not issued any specific warning about the Apoquel directly causing cancer in dogs. There is no scientific evidence of a direct link between Apoquel and cancer. But the rumors can’t still be unseen because the topic here is about the health concerns of our pets, and we would not want to take risks experimenting on their lives.

Expert Insights

Before jumping to any conclusion, it is very crucial to get expert insights regarding the topic because they have the experience and knowledge to explore the controversies going on. Few of the online pet care centers have claimed that 12% of dogs consuming Apoquel have been found to develop cancer, but most of the pet clinics and vets have shared that there is no proper research and evidence on this concern. The vets usually find Apoquel safe for the dogs and believe that the benefit of Apoquel outweighs its adverse side effects. So, as a pet owner, you must be alert and informed about discoveries about Apoquel to ensure the safety of your dogs, read the Wahl dry skin shampoo review.

Personal thoughts

There have been different controversies about Apoquel causing cancer, and the topic has gained views on social media. Still, you cannot believe everything you see and hear on social media, and most sources have said to have no proper evidence on this issue. I am not saying that Apoquel is entirely safe, but we also cannot degrade any medication based on some internet controversies without evidence. You have to be very careful and be informed about the discoveries and facts about Apoquel. I suggest my fellow pet owners get insights from experienced and trusted veterinarians.


Apoquel is one of the most popular medications in the field of pet allergy management, and popularity always comes along with some criticism. There might have been criticism and controversies about Apoquel, but it is still trusted and used by millions of pet owners to soothe allergic symptoms in dogs. The lack of hard proof evidence about the link between Apoquel and cancer suppresses the rumors, and hence, the alleged controversy seems to be false. However, clear-cut research has to be conducted to make everything clear for both parties (pet owners and the medication manufacturers). All pet owners are advised to be careful while using any medication and ensure their pets are safe from any future uncertainty that could be life-threatening.

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