Difference Between Measures of Central Tendencies(Mean & Midpoint)

 Same as the average of two values is the middle value of both the numbers and the median represents the value present in the middle of a number set. The midpoint in the same manner represents the middle point of a line segment on a graph.

Let’s learn in the article below, more about midpoint values, how to find it and the difference between mean and midpoint values.

What is Midpoint Value

Sometimes the point between two other points or on a line segment is needed to be found. This center point is known as the “midpoint” of a line segment. A midpoint of the line segment is by definition the point on this line segment dividing it into two congruent segments.

Geometrically, the midpoint is the point present on the line segment’s center. The midpoint separates the line segment into two line segments that would be congruent to each other. The term, congruent implies that the two line segments would be exactly similar geometrically to each other.

In order to bisect a line segment, by determining the midpoint requires the midpoint formula. The midpoint formula is also used to prove that it is possible to bisect a line segment. Its formula includes calculating the average or median both coordinates of x and y. 

How to Find Midpoint?

The calculation of midpoint of a line segment is very easy and straightforward, if you have the endpoints’ coordinates (x, y) of a line segment. Simply, take the average of the endpoints of both x coordinates (firs sum both and divide by two). In this way you will have the middle point for the x coordinate.

Afterwards repeat the process with the y coordinates as well, taking average of y coordinates by first adding them and diving the sum by 2. Thus, by separating taking the average of x and y coordinates we can find the midpoint of a line segment.  

Moreover, the formula for midpoint calculation is also provided below. It indicates the midpoint of x co-ordinate is halfway between the x endpoints’ co-ordinates, and same goes for the y-coordinates. This is demonstrated using the congruence of triangles below the formula.

Besides to using formula, midpoint calculator with variables is a great tool to grab your question problems within a minute.

Difference Between Mean Values and Midpoint Values

It may seem like mean and midpoint are same values as both are kind of average. However, they really aren’t the same values, the mean is a measure of central tendency while midpoint is the geometrical measure. Let us have a closer look at both the values below:


In mathematics as well as in statistics, the mean is a fundamental concept. The mean in a set of numbers is the average of all of them. While, it is a measure of the central tendency in statistics of a distribution of probability. 

It is sometimes called an expected value is calculated along with other two concepts i.e. the median and mode. The mean however, could possibly be of two different sub types including geometric and arithmetic mean.

The Formula for simple mean is given as:

Mean = Sum of All Values / Number of Terms

On the basis of that formula, Mean calculator online come in exist for calculating mean of large group of data in a minutes.

Arithmetic Mean

As the name implies it is a measure utilized in arithmetic, and is the sum of all values in a number set divided by the total number of values in that set.

Geometric Mean

In contrast, the geometric mean is a metric used in geometric calculation, it is the nth root of all numbers multiplied together present in a number set.


The word endpoint, as may sounds, simply means the point present in the exact middle of a line segment. The formula for endpoint is not tough and it has applications in many fields including, mean, distribution and interval calculations in statistics. 

However, in geometry, the endpoint is the center point of a line segment drawn on a graph. Or in other words, the endpoint is the point of a line or arc that splits it into two sections with the same length.

Wrapping Up

The midpoint in geometry is the point present on a line segment dividing it into two equal parts. It is found by taking the mean or average (adding the and them dividing the sum by 2) of both coordinates of the x and y endpoints separately. The mean values and mid point are two distinct values and comprises separate formulas as well.

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