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Different Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

It’s common to have unwanted hair on your body. There are several techniques you can use to remove unwanted hair. Review these options to figure out which works best for you.


Waxing removes hair from the root using hot wax or wax strips. Waxing Long Island NY can be used on many parts of the body but can also be more painful than other hair removal methods. If the waxing is done properly, it should leave your skin smooth and hair-free for weeks. Professionals should be trained to minimize main and discomfort during a waxing treatment and advise on follow-up care. Once you have one waxing treatment, it’s recommended to follow up every 4 to 6 weeks. You may notice your hair grows back less over time and appears thinner when it does.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the longer-lasting methods of hair removal, but similar to waxing it requires multiple treatments to see lasting results. It can also be used on many areas of the body but expect to experience some pain during the treatment. Laser hair removal uses a special light to destroy the hair bulb and prevent it from growing back. Only a highly trained doctor or technician should administer this kind of treatment.


Shaving is an easy, at-home method for removing hair from various parts of your body. When you shave, you will also help remove dead skin cells from your skin. Because the razor will only cut the hair at the surface of your skin, hair will grow back faster and more frequently. Always use shaving cream on wet skin to get a closer, smoother shave. After you shave remember to apply a moisturizer to lock in moisture and prevent irritation.

There are several methods of removing unwanted body hair. Decide which method works best for you and your skin to help yourself feel more comfortable.

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