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Digital Marketing Performance: 10 best practices for 2022!

Our team of experts presented the 10 commandments of digital performance for 2022 with the aim of helping you optimize your digital marketing strategy. Back to these 10 key points that will allow you to perform in 2022!

There are companies that focus on each section of digital marketing, and then there are companies who do it all. At Techies Infotech SEO Mohali, we have the expertise and resources to be able to handle any project you throw at us. From Initial Consultation to Audit & Strategy through to Implementation and providing the latest in Digital Marketing Services in Mohali.

1. Identify the right marketing audience

The choice of a lever is directly linked to your campaign objective. The golden rule is to choose one objective, no more!




This will determine the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to analyze and especially the levers to use. The choice of levers will also have to adapt to the customer journey: notoriety, acquisition, loyalty.

2. Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the most important part of digital marketing, thanks to its high performance, scalability and low costs. But should you choose Google Adwords campaigns manually, or let an agency do it?

To perform on AdWords, the key is to focus on the prospects closest to the act of purchase. For this, the 1st step is the identification of keywords consistent with your products and which come as close as possible to the research intentions of your prospects. This results in fewer budget leaks, better click-through rates, and a better conversation rate. The 2nd step is to produce “punchy” ads. This will allow you to differentiate yourself and encourage the Internet user to interact with your brand. Finally, the last step: monitor, test and control your campaigns.

The first thing that should come to mind when managing AdWords campaigns is to think of your prospects as in the research phase- of the purchase cycle. Focus on their needs! The need they feel identifies a keyword on which you will position your PPC ads. In other words, your keyword and its associated ad should fit exactly with the need they have. This approach greatly increases your chances of attracting real prospects (needs) and not just “browsers”. By positioning your ad in this manner, you will avoid budget leaks, get more clicks and conversions, thanks to better CTRs and lower CPLs (Click Through Rate).

3. Capitalize on the potential of Facebook advertising

We know today that Facebook audiences are very powerful. So do not hesitate to test different types of audience and expand them while ensuring that you have good control. Varying the formats and approaches will allow you not to tire your audiences.

4. Display: mastering programmatic inventories

Have your banners ever been displayed on poor quality sites, lost among the 1dollar insulation and the miracle solution to lose weight? At Techies Infotech, we build thematic packages of sites to create coherent and powerful campaigns. It’s about thinking about the prospect and where they go on the internet. This way we are sure to hit the most precise target possible.

5. Build a successful emailing strategy

An essential lever, emailing allows you to create a link with your contact database. Newsletter, promotional emailing or automation emailing, choose the type of emailing adapted to your objectives. This is the lever that records the highest conversion rates, up to 10% in B2B!

6. Make SEO a key of the marketing strategy

SEO depends above all on knowing your customers. We no longer look for “key words”, we reason from search intentions. By identifying them, you can best meet the information needs of your prospects. You can then organize the content to be produced as a diagram. One search intent = one page!

7. Set up an ambassador system

To make your colleagues ambassadors is to encourage the employees of a company to participate, through their individual actions, in its communication strategy. Most often, social networks are the main tools, at the forefront of which is LinkedIn. The benefits of such a device are real:

At Techies SEO Mohali our methodology consists of three levels of intervention with employees: awareness of good practices, framing of a team of ambassadors and an action plan and individual coaching and follow-up.

8. Optimize your landing pages

A step that is often overlooked, it nevertheless makes it possible to make the link between the acquisition of traffic and the acquisition of prospects. There are many tools to help you: pop-in, form, Chabot and Call to Action. Properly optimized, your landing pages will eliminate all opportunities for leakage and boost your results: conversion rate x5, cost/conversion divided by 4.

9. Retarget audiences with remarketing

Despite what you may think, YES, it is still possible to do retargeting after the GDPR hurricane (if the audience of your site is sufficient). This allows you to send an advertising message to visitors to your site. You thus capitalize on an audience already interested in your brand, in other words highly qualified prospects. But be careful, you have to manage the repetition (number of times your ads are displayed) as well as couple it with other logics of remarketing and conquest.

10. Data analysis: strengthen your knowledge of customers & prospects

To best optimize your campaigns, this may seem obvious, but understanding the needs, obstacles and habits of your customers and prospects will allow you to better meet their needs! Web analysis allows us to go even further in customer knowledge and market insights. This way, multiple touch points can be created along the user journey.

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