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Discover the power of Nextras Time and Attendance software!

Effortlessly track and manage employee hours with our intuitive Time and attendance software. By simply clicking on the user-friendly “clock in” and “clock out” buttons, your team can easily log their hours and stay on top of their schedules.

But wait, there’s more! Our innovative “Quick Fix” feature allows employees to manually edit their hours, ensuring accuracy and flexibility. No more worrying about forgetting to clock in or out or making last-minute adjustments.

Approving hours has never been easier! Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations and mistakes. With Nextras, you can have a comprehensive overview of your team’s work hours on one screen. Incomplete or incorrect entries are easily spotted, making it a breeze to maintain accuracy in your payroll process. Generate detailed attendance reports effortlessly and export them directly to your payroll provider.

Flexibility is the name of the game! With Nextra’s Time and attendance software, you can log your time from anywhere, at any time. Edit entries, clock in and out multiple times a day, and retrospectively adjust hours to fit your needs. Plus, our seamless integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams keeps you informed and allows for quick action within your existing workflow.

Unlock valuable insights with Nextras’s robust attendance metrics. Customizable reports give you a comprehensive view of your employees’ time and attendance, including clock-in/out times, average daily working hours, vacation days, holidays, sick days, and more. Filter data by employee, department, or site, and easily access all the information you need in one convenient location.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of Nextras Time and attendance software.

Try it today and streamline your time-tracking process like never before!

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