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Double Bowl vs Single Bowl Kitchen Sink – Pros & Cons

Why Important to Select the Sink for Kitchen?

A kitchen is a place that is central to any household, and what’s the most important element of a kitchen?  A place where you could clean and wash your utensils and also rinse your vegetables and fruits. It is an integral part of a kitchen and therefore it is important that you give due consideration to the selection of the kitchen sink.

The variety of kitchen sinks in the market in terms of material, finish, size, and shape is overwhelming. But here’s some information that will help you choose the right fit for your kitchens!


As mentioned earlier, kitchen sinks have a lot of variety in terms of shape, size, material and finish. Today, you will find round, square, and oval-shaped kitchen sinks in the market. There is also a variety of handmade kitchen sinks that are slightly bigger than conventional kitchen sinks.

Apart from this, you have a matte and glossy finish when it comes to your stainless steel kitchen sink. Also, the types of material in which stainless steel are manufactured are granite, stainless steel, cast iron, stone, and many more. There is also a variation in the number of bowls the kitchen sinks has. There are two types here- Single Bowl and Double Bowl!



Double bowl sinks provide you with more flexibility and alternatives in how you utilize your sink. The key advantage is that the pieces allow you to use the different sides for different reasons. You can perform the following with a double bowl sink:

  • Use one side for meal preparation and the other for dishwashing as you go or storing dirty dishes until you can get to them.
  • Soak dishes on one side while washing on the other.
  • You may dry clean dishes on one side while washing on the other.
  • Separate heavy dirty dishes from delicate things such as glassware.
  • While thawing food for supper or cleaning raw-meat plates and utensils, keep one side of the sink clear of harmful contaminants like raw food items.


The following are some of the reasons individuals despise their double sinks and swear they would only use a single sink from now on:

  • Neither side of the sink is large enough to soak or wash large dishes such as cookie sheets or stock pots.
  • Double sinks take up an inordinate amount of counter space.
  • Because one side of the sink is never utilised, a double sink is practically equivalent to having one little sink.
  • Only one side has a garbage disposal, and food particles get caught in the other side.



Many individuals are eager to upgrade their present “older type” double sinks to a single sink, and many people who already have a single kitchen sink enjoy it for the following reasons:

  • It’s large enough to wash large pots and pans, as well as sheet pans.
  • It’s still adaptable; for example, if you want a section of hot, soapy water, you can install a temporary dish basin in the sink.
  • The trash disposal is placed in the sink to gather all of the food detritus.
  • Because a huge single sink takes up less counter space, it is great for compact kitchens.


Individuals who are accustomed to the built-in adaptability of a double bowl sink despise the limited alternatives of a single sink. They give the following arguments for opposing a single sink:

  • There is no possibility to separate dirty and clean dishes.
  • Because they are subjected to crashes and bangs from heavier dishware in the same sink, delicate dishes are more easily shattered.
  • There is no way to segregate thawed meat or dishes infected with raw meat fluids from other dishes; if part of the sink is polluted, the entire sink is contaminated.
  • Hand-washing dishes eliminates the possibility of “hiding” drying dishes on one side of the sink.


  1. Stainless steel is the most durable material for kitchen sinks considering their constant and excessive use.
  2. The material is anti-corrosive and resistant to rusting, which is a great advantage sinks in the kitchen are always in close contact with water, and rusting and erosion are a high possibility.
  3. Stainless steel sink undergoes a process called annealing which increases its ductility – this makes the sinks unbreakable and they do not chip or dent easily. So, you can be stress-free while washing heavy pots and pans.
  4. The aesthetical appeal of the material is quite versatile as it is compatible with any kind of kitchen décor – be it wooden, ceramics, granite, etc.
  5. Stainless steel as the name suggest does not stain. Your greasy pots and pans will not stain the sink in any way. The material resists spotting and scratches as well. So it guarantees to withstand rough use!


Stainless steel sinks are available online these days. RUHE Kitchen Sinks are the best in the market as of now. You can also purchase Ruhe Kitchen Sinks Online through their website!

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