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Drilling methods: Everything to know about drill presses!

I love my drill press. It is my favorite device. Actually, I have two. I bought a bench design in college and got a big flooring design not long after I finished. Pierce’s presses are quiet. They are exact. Most importantly, they are incredibly flexible. If you utilize the most effective drill bits, you can drill an opening in virtually anything, as long as it fits. With the best device, a drill press likewise ends up being a sander. It can also drill square holes in timber with a mortising attachment. I have actually used these tools for years, and also I believe I can instruct you on how to use a press like a Pro.


If you already recognize what a drill press is, do not hesitate to move additionally down to the following sections for great deals on how-to tips as well as techniques. To place it merely, a drill press is a drill installed on a column. The drill goes up and down while the job continues to be stationary. The large benefit is that the drill press straightens the bit perfectly perpendicular to the material. No more misaligned holes! To the inexperienced, that might not appear like such a big deal, yet when you start in fact attempting to develop something, you quickly recognize how crucial it is.

If you attempt and also make something better than a planter box, having your holes exactly vertical substantially step up the top quality of your job. It makes components fit together easier and much more safely. Drill presses also permit repeatable openings at a continuous depth. This is a lot more difficult when boring by hand.


All drill presses have the same standard components. They contain a head as well as a motor placed on a column. The column has a table that can be changed up and down. A lot of them can be tilted too for tilted holes. On the head, you will find the on/off switch and the arbor (pin) with the drill chuck. This is elevated and also reduced by rotating a group of three to take care of the side. Normally, there are about 3 inches of travel backward and forwards that the drill chuck can relocate. In other words, you can pierce an opening three inches deep without readjusting the height of the table. That’s why always go with a top drill press!

The product is placed on the table and either kept in location by hand or secured in position. You then elevate the table up to the little bit which is chucked right into the drill chuck. The speed of the turning bit is usually controlled by a collection of step belts in the head. Some premium drill presses (like the Nova Voyager) use variable-speed motors. There are numerous rate graphs available online to aid you to identify the rate you need for the material as well as the size drill little bit you are making use of.

When ready to drill, turn it on and gradually draw among the manages onward and also down to feed the bit right into the product. The quantity of stress you use relies on the product you are piercing. Steel requires extra stress than wood for example. With a sharp bit, you must be obtaining shavings– not dirt– appearing of the hole as you drill. When drilling metal, an indicator that you’re making use of the appropriate amount of stress is when shavings appear as one lengthy spiral. Exploration steel is a procedure by itself. Seek a short article on boring steel, timber, as well as plastics coming quickly.



Drill presses can be found in numerous different forms aspects. You can obtain a drill guide that lets you attach your hand drill to guide rods. You can additionally obtain a drill press stand without a motor or chuck. Rather, you clamp your own hand and drill right into it. Both of these choices are less costly and also will certainly offer in a pinch, but in no other way will certainly they change the actual thing. Most novices would be much better served with a benchtop drill press. These smaller devices normally have all the features of the big floor designs but are little enough to fit on a workbench.

Complete Size/Floor Designs

The floor designs are huge boys. These giants will certainly pierce holes in just about anything without the bit stalling. They will drill holes that can be extremely dangerous or difficult to pierce by hand. Floor models have bigger electric motors and also larger chunks for drilling bigger holes. They have a much larger throat clearance than bench designs so they will certainly pierce to the facility of bigger material.

Drill presses are rated by the distance from the column to the facility of the chuck (span), multiplied by two (diameter). Simply put, what is the size of the biggest circle you can fit on the drill press? This is called the drill press swing. A regular benchtop may be ranked at 8- or 12-inches. That means you have 4- or 6-inches in between the column and also the facility of the drill bit. A floor version could be 16-inches so you would have 8-inches of clearance.

Radial Drill Presses FOR DRILLING

A radial drill press has a straight column in addition to a vertical column. This allows you to pierce to the facility of much bigger workpieces, as much as 34-inches for some tiny benchtop models. I have desired one for several years. They are rather costly and use up a lot of room. Constantly bolt down these top-heavy tools so they don’t topple. The benefit though is that the column nearly never ever enters your method, so you can place all sorts of things in a radial drill press you normally can not, like a whole bike or your pickup truck tailgate. Drilling with drill press is absolutely amazing!

Magnetic Drill Press (Magnetic Drill or Mag Drill).

Among fabrication, shipwright, and also erection/construction industries, you will discover magnetic drill presses (mag drills). They do not have a main column or table. In their area is a powerful electromagnetic base. Take the magnetic drill press as well as area it on an I-beam, plate steel, or other architectural steel. Then you activate the magnet and also the drill holds itself in place, even inverted. Simply do not stand under it in case the power heads out! This is why they need to have a security secure attached when possible.

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