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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience With Innovative Shading Solutions

Whether hosting a barbecue with friends, reading a book under the trees, or watching your kids play in the yard, a shaded space can refresh and rejuvenate. Creative solutions allow you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces, whether you opt for the elegance of a shade sail or the innovation of artistic shade structures.

Retractable Awnings

Awnings help enlarge your outdoor living space and create an attractive and comfortable place for family and guests to relax. They also reduce direct sunlight and heat while saving on overall energy costs. Remote or wall switches, home automation, or mobile applications can control these awnings. They are equipped with electric motors to extend and retract the canopy. These motors are backed by a front bar that increases wind resistance and keeps the canopy cover taut when partially or fully extended. The frames of J Geiger Shades motorized awnings are made from durable materials such as aluminum and steel. They are powder-coated to protect against rust and other weather damage. Their adjustability is helpful during inclement weather when you can roll up the awning to avoid damage caused by heavy rains and winds.

Pergolas and Trellises

Adding shade to your outdoor spaces is an easy and effective way to make your home more comfortable. Whether used for dining, lounging, or entertaining, pergolas help reduce ambient heat and enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. A custom pergola is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to add character and definition to their deck, patio, or garden area. Unlike a trellis, a pergola includes pillars with a roof, creating an open and inviting space. Although people often confuse a trellis with a pergola covered with vines or flowers, they are very different. A trellis is made of a tighter weave of latticework and is designed to support flowering plants or vines so they can grow higher and more lush.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are tensioned fabric canopies that filter out UV rays and add visual interest to an outdoor space. They come in various shapes and colors to coordinate with existing decor or create a distinct design element. They are a cost-effective alternative to block-framed structures and other permanent shade solutions like those at Treaty Oaky Shade Company. They can be attached to stable poles or beams using various attachment systems. They are especially suitable for irregularly-shaped areas with limited available post locations. Most shade sails are manufactured from high-quality breathable fabrics that resist tearing, mold, mildew, and wear. They are also water, wind, and UV-resistant. Some have stainless steel wires inserted in the edges of the fabric to strengthen and minimize flapping. Adding shade to your outdoor area increases your restaurant’s seating capacity and boosts revenue generation.

Outdoor Furniture

When designing your outdoor living space, you’ll want to prioritize comfort for yourself and your guests. Look for seating options like upholstered sectional sofas, lounge chairs, and benches in fabrics that complement your design aesthetic and resist the elements. You can also find wood furniture crafted from durable, sustainable materials. These pieces can develop a natural patina in the sun over time and add to the ambiance of your backyard oasis.

Ceiling Fixtures

Lighting adds a touch of beauty and function to your outdoor living spaces. Layered lighting techniques combining different fixture types can create a balanced look for your space. For example, you can hang a ceiling fan and use pendants or a chandelier over the seating area for general lighting and to light-task areas like dining or grilling stations. Other forms of functional lighting include path lights that light walkways or garden paths, floodlights for large outdoor areas, and accent lights to highlight specific objects or features in your landscape. Be sure to check the UL, or Underwriters Laboratory rating, on any fixture you choose before installing it in an outdoor environment so you can be confident they are designed for moist locations and are safe to use outdoors.

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