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Exciting European Cultural Celebrations You Can Attend Next Year


For many travelers Europe is just a perfect vacation destination with plenty of historic and cultural landmarks or romantic getaways for couples. But what about other features like exciting European cultural celebrations and festivals? I bet all of you have heard about Oktoberfest or St. Patrick’s Day, right? These are not just some regular celebrations that people almost forgot about. On the contrary, these are the festivities that have been celebrated for centuries, witnessing fall and rise of European countries and empires, being on the crossroads of diversity and intercultural exchange.

Europe is a continent of diversity. Therefore, it is not a surprise that each of the European country hosts some of the most authentic ancient celebrations that have played a huge role in formation of these societies, their identities and nationhood. In this article we will give you the brief overview of some of the most exciting European Cultural celebrations with some tips where and how to attend şişli escort them.


5 Exciting Cultural Celebrations in Europe That You Can Attend

Every year Europe hosts hundreds of different cultural celebrations that attracts millions of visitors from different countries. While having such a great variety of choices enables us to choose the most suitable one for us, sometimes it might be hard to decide where to start from.

This is why here we bring some of our favorite European festivities that you can attend next year. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to check out new EU entry regulations on ETIAS Website. It will help you to apply for ETIAS Visa waiver too. This visa waiver will be detrimental part of your travel to Europe from 2023.

But enough with this bureaucratic stuff, let’s talk about festivals.


Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival was started by the Duke of Venice in the 9th century. It went unrecognized for many years before human’s eye discovered it again. The Venetian authorities officially assigned to restore the tradition and celebrate its 600th anniversary in 2003.

The Venetian-based event is notable for its unique features including water gondolas operated by an army of clowns through a tunnel built inside an old winepress that doubles as the floats’ foundation. Festival features blaring music of ancient chants and harmonious odes, bright costumes, and a celebratory spirit at odds with the pervading medieval atmosphere.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Dublin

Irish culture is deeply tied with holidays such as St Patrick’s Day. People will be in grand spirits on this day, and they know how to celebrate that. They will put up amazing decorations and get tinned cheese in preparation for a big feast of corned beef and cabbage. St Patrick’s Day celebrates Saint Patrick who was a British Roman Catholic missionary. He introduced Christianity to Ireland in the 6th century AD.

Saint Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s national holiday, celebrated annually on 17th March by marching in parades or visiting pubs and other venues.

This Day in Dublin is ‘Luck of the Stout,’ an Irish-American term for a holiday before the luckiest day of the year. The city wears green as if it was their national color, from the street dresses to the flags and buildings.



Whether you are beer-enthusiast or want to enjoy the crowd of thousands of people enjoying beer and traditional German meal, Oktoberfest is for you. Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival that takes place in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is the world’s largest fair and one of the most famous festivals in the world. Oktoberfest has been celebrated for more than 200 years and it has become a cultural institution of Germany.

Oktoberfest has become an important part of German culture and traditions. The festival is celebrated with beer, sausages, pretzels, and all types of food. There are many events during Oktoberfest such as parades, concerts, carnivals and fireworks displays.



Vinterjazz is an essential part of the Danish Music life.The festival lasts for three weeks and features more than 500 concerts and more than 20 organizers across the country.

​The festival is the real heaven for Jazz-enthusiasts. Every year thousands of travelers visit Copenhagen just to attend this real celebration of Danish Jazz Music.

​You might be surprised but New Orleans has quite some competition when it comes to Jazz-cities. Since 1950s Copenhagen, rightfully so, has been considered as the Jazz Capital of Europe.


Amsterdam Tulip & Flower Festival

The Tulip & Flower Festival is a celebration of the Dutch national flower. The festival started in 1853 and has been held annually ever since.

The festival is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Visitors can see an impressive collection of flowers, tulips, orchids, and other plants that are on display throughout the city during this time.

The festival also features an array of culinary specialties that are available for purchase as well as live music performances throughout the day.



Here we presented some of our favorite European cultural celebrations and festivities. While Europe hosts hundreds of festivals, these are the ones that you should visit at least once before moving on. The festivals will help you to become more accustomed to European culture and get more authentic experiences from your travel. Plus, it gives you the possibility to meet locals who would be out for celebrations.

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