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From healthcare to advertising: Here is how smartphones are making everything smarter

Smartphones have become a basic necessity for everyone. The wide user base of smartphones has made it crucial for industries to take advantage of technology. Whether it is advertising or healthcare, smartphones have found a wide and vital place in the working system. For instance, digital advertisements are slowly replacing pamphlets and posters. Moreover, the growing trend of connected cars, smart homes, smart factories, and phone photography is all just a minor part of the wide applications of the technology.

Smartphones maintain continuous access to communication and entertainment. Apart from that, digital news, shopping, etc., have just become a new normal. Here is the list of a few sectors where smartphones are bringing significant transformations.


The evolution in the smartphone industry has reached a far-off place from where it started initially. Today, the rapidly growing use of smartphones is changing the outlook of the entire advertising industry. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, are recording high revenue growth. Moreover, it opens up doors of opportunities for advertisers and marketers to innovate their strategies and reach an extensive range of audiences at a much lower cost. There are various platforms, such as Google ads, Instagram ads, and Facebook ads, which allow the business to connect to a myriad of audiences and escalate their revenue growth. Moreover, service providers are also working on combating the existing flaws. For instance, Google recently made headlines due to its decision to eliminate the third-party cookie. Through this, Google will not allow third-party cookies on the Google Chrome browser, which will enhance the protection of users’ private information.

Digital Photography

Traditional forms of digital photography include DSLRs and other handy cameras. However, these cameras have some drawbacks, such as lack of wireless connectivity, high cost, etc. Thus, smartphones combat these problems. Phone photography allows users to send their pictures without the need for any additional device. However, in the case of traditional cameras, users require other devices, such as laptops, to share and edit photographs taken with a traditional digital camera. It is a one-in-all solution as it allows capturing the image, editing and uploading, and eliminating all the additional hustle. Moreover, new phones with advanced quality cameras are also gaining traction due to this new trend.


The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic brought ample uncertainties. In that situation, smartphones emerged as a potential technology to help the industry survive. Healthcare providers started offering services on phone to help patients living in far-off places. Moreover, it also reduced the risk of infection by eliminating the need for physical contact. Here is the list of trends depicting how smartphones are maintaining a strong foothold in the healthcare sector.

Mobile Computer Carts

Patients require constant attention from doctors. The new technology, mobile computing carts, allows patients to have constant communication with their physicians. Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics, are also spending highly on bringing mobile computing carts to their spaces. It means physicians and patients can connect anytime they need, and physicians can also check the patient’s imaging results within the registered internal network.

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With the growing adoption of smartphones, patients’ telemedicine has emerged as a new trend in the healthcare sector. In simple words, telemedicine allows patients and doctors to communicate through remote monitoring methods, sharing data, and interactive measures.

Wearable devices help reduce costs

Wearable devices have become a new normal in the lives of people. The technology, such as smartwatches, smart shirts, smart glasses, etc., has grown in popularity due to its advanced features.

Mobile technology helps reduce the hustle as patients do not need to visit hospitals regularly to get their tests done. They can track their blood pressure and overall condition through smart wearable, which shares data with smartphones. This data can be shared again with physicians, which allows them to prescribe medicine. Thus, it eliminates the additional time spent on traveling and other charges.

Connected Cars

Ever thought that cars can also become smarter? Automakers are embracing this opportunity by integrating advanced features into the vehicles. The idea of personalization is gaining significant popularity as the automakers are integrating the “smartphone experience” into the car. Whether it is Ford’s Sync App Link or BMW’s ConnectedDrive, the concept of connected cars is expected to help many through richer capabilities. The technology is forecast to go far beyond entertainment, with the potential scope of rental and shared cars. For instance, users will get to book their rental cars in just one tap and adjust their seat position, maps,  phone contacts, addresses, thermal settings, frequent destinations, etc., instantly.

Drivers get to have real-time data, which will help them track free parking spots, recognize busy roads, and get real-time directions to the nearest parking areas.


The smartphones industry is expected to witness potential opportunities as it has become an all-in-one solution to control everything. Whether it is regular chores in your smart homes or office-related work, one can get their hands on all the documents, services, etc., in just a few taps. In addition, the 5G rollout will open a lot of doors of possibilities for both mobile devices and the automotive space. According to a study by Astute Analytica, the global smartphones market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2030.

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