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Web Development

Fundamentals and Tools Of Web Development

Since the commercialization of the Internet in the early 1990s, Web development has undergone a profound change. While Internet pages were once a bare collection of text fields, today the focus is on an elaborate presentation of multimedia content. The original information platform has now become a means of entertainment. Internet users demand interactive web pages with a pleasing design that allows for intuitive use. In order to meet this need, web developers include dynamic content with the help of different tools and create customized websites for the user. A fundamental prerequisite is a professional web hosting, which provides the necessary resources and supports current web standards. You can get in touch with Marketing Agency Mohali

Technical fundamentals of a website

The foundation of a site is the space on a server, offered by specialized internet service providers, the so-called providers . The offer generally includes complete packages which together with the necessary space include other services such as RAM, its own domain, databases and the necessary tools for Web development . As a rule, the user of a hosting package does not know which physical machines host the resources used. The case is different with alternative hosting models such as dedicated web servers, which are rented in a data center as standalone hardware components.


Each project on the World Wide Web can be called up using a unique name . These so-called domains form part of the basic elements of a hosting package. The domains precisely follow the hierarchical structure of the Domain Name System and consist of a first level domain that defines the namespace (for example .it), a freely chosen domain name (second level domain) and optional subdomains. Domain registration takes place through a provider, which forwards the request to the competent management bodies. In the choice of domain there are short and concise formulations and common top-level domains.

Web space

Each web page consists of data that is made available for opening pages on the internet. Hosting packages therefore always include some storage space for HTML documents, style sheets, images, videos or databases. Data upload is usually done via the file transfer protocol (FTP) and the client as FileZilla or WinSCP. Therefore a package (hosting) should be chosen that allows the extension of the web space in case of need.


If the web pages made available on the server are not generated statically, but based on requests, every time a page is viewed, web developers mostly use relational databases . With this type of database management, the information is structured as records in the tables and is related to other records through IDs. The opening and processing of data structures usually takes place using the Structured Query Language ( SQL ). One of the world’s most popular relational database systems for dynamic websites of this type is open source MySQL software.

Web server

Hosting packages for beginners are usually implemented through shared hosting . With this hosting model, several customer domains share a common pool of server resources. For large professional projects, the providers also offer various variants of web servers , in which the hardware components are assigned to customers exclusively. For large companies, it is sometimes recommended to purchase server technology in conjunction with the rented variant.


Basic tools for web programming

If the basis of the web project is present in the form of a hosting package or a server, users have several possibilities to create their own web page. The range ranges from intuitive website software with limited design options to flexible content management systems (CMS) to self-written source code. While ready-made sites are based on the WYSIWYG („What You See Is What You Get“) principle and are aimed primarily at beginners, using a CMS requires some basic knowledge. When programming their sites from scratch, web developers ensure maximum freedom. However, this requires knowledge of basic programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.


The hypertext markup language (in English Hypertext Markup Language, HTML) in Web development is used for the semantic organization of digital content through so-called tags. This way you can define sections of text, titles, graphics or hyperlinks. Similar source code is the basis of every web structure. A simple static website is nothing more than a selection of linked HTML documents. The current version of HTML5 extends the tag markup language for audio and video elements. The display of the contents, on the other hand, is defined by the CSS formatting language .


Cascading Style Sheets (abbreviated CSS) are a standard programming language for HTML documents. Web developers use CSS to assign browser display rules to elements defined in the HTML code. Along with the guidelines for layout, coloring and typography, the current CSS3 standard also includes animations, color variations and shading.


Modern sites interact with their visitors through interactive fields, drop-down menus or slideshows. If such dynamic content is integrated into an HTML page, then JavaScript comes into play. The scripting language extends the basic HTML and CSS structure by evaluating user interactions, uploading, updating or modifying content.


While static pages are available to the web server, dynamic web pages are generated by a browser on demand only, which is made possible by scripting languages ​​such as PHP. A PHP programming is interpreted on the server side. Instead of delivering the source code directly to dynamic websites, the web server communicates the file to a PHP interpreter who generates the requested site (often based on information entered in the databases) and returns it to the server, which finally sends the data. to the browser. Other scripting languages ​​for dynamic site development are Perl and Python.


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