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Get Instagram Poll Votes: Strategies to Boost Engagement and Interaction

In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Instagram offer an unparalleled avenue for interaction and engagement. One particularly engaging feature of Instagram is the ‘poll’ function, allowing users to survey their followers and gain insight into their preferences. But how do you effectively get Instagram poll votes to maximize this tool’s potential? This article will provide a detailed guide on how to get the most out of your Instagram polls.

Understanding the Power of Instagram Polls

Instagram polls are interactive stickers you can add to your Instagram Stories, posing questions to your followers and allowing them to vote between two options. Whether it’s a simple question about their day or feedback on a new product or service, these polls are an effective means of creating dialogue with your audience, giving them a voice and making them feel valued.

Creating Your Instagram Poll

Before you can get Instagram poll votes, you must first create a poll. Here’s how:

1. Tap on your Story icon at the top left corner of your Instagram home screen or swipe right from anywhere in your feed.

2. Select or take a photo or video to add to your Story.

3. Tap on the Sticker icon at the top of the screen, then select the ‘POLL’ sticker.

4. Write your question and provide the two answers.

5. Tap ‘Done’ at the top right of the screen, and your poll is now live!

Effective Techniques to Get Instagram Poll Votes

Now that you’ve created your poll, it’s time to focus on how to get Instagram poll votes. Here are some strategies to increase engagement and interaction:

Relevant Content: Make sure your poll topic is relevant and interesting to your followers. It could be related to current trends, events, or even specific interests of your audience.

Clear and Concise: Keep your questions and answers simple and straightforward. The less time your followers have to spend understanding your poll, the more likely they are to vote.

Perfect Timing: Post your polls when your audience is most active. You can check your Instagram Insights to find out the peak hours when your followers are online.

Promote Your Poll: Use your Instagram feed, IGTV, Reels, or even other social platforms to promote your poll. The wider the reach, the more votes you are likely to get.

Offer Incentives: Encourage participation by offering rewards or incentives. This could be a shoutout, discount code, or an entry into a giveaway.


The ability to get Instagram poll votes is a testament to the power of interactive social media. It not only boosts engagement on your profile but also provides valuable insights into your followers’ preferences and behaviors. By employing the strategies above, you’ll not only increase poll participation but also foster a stronger relationship with your audience. Harness the power of Instagram polls and turn your social media platform into a thriving, interactive community.

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