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Halloween Costume Safety Tips for You

Halloween costume safety isn’t the first thought on a child’s list when the Halloween season comes around. They’re too focused on going around the neighborhood and collecting as much candy as they can to worry about whether they’ll be able be able to see their zombie masks or slip and fall on their superhero cape.

Things to Take into Consideration when Creating Your Costume for Halloween

As you can tell from this article, I’m a crazy Halloween gal. I am a sucker for the imagination as well as the texture and color that Halloween sewing brings. When my youngest daughter was about 18 months old I created the cat costume she wore to wear on Halloween. It was two sizes too big , and she was unable to walk around in it. We laughed all night. Since the night I’ve been “hooked” by Halloween.

Tricks for sewing Halloween costumes and Tricks

Children must be able to concentrate on having fun and not worry about causing injury due to their costumes. Check last minute to ensure that your child is safe by following these safety tips for college halloween costumes.

Be noticed

Costumes and dark clothing can be scary however, they’re also difficult to discern in darkness. Children should wear reflective clothes or put reflective accents on costumes to make them visible.

Flashing lights and glow sticks like bicycle lights are excellent methods to make it easier to spot children during Halloween.

See clearly

Your child must be noticed however, he or she must be able as well. Flash light or headlamps that allow hands-free lighting during treat your child to be able to see the direction they’re heading. The presence of a light source will aid children to be observed.

Make sure that your hats and masks are secured and don’t block your vision. Think about using face paint instead of masks.

Young Children

For children who are young and under five years old, it is best to get out before the time it goes dark. Consider visiting the houses that are on your preferred street. After getting dark, you might consider going to your home and having them give out candy for Halloween Costume.


Select appropriate footwear for trick or treating. Perhaps stilettos or large clown shoes are appropriate for the outfit, but properly fitting sneakers are more secure.

Check that your footwear fits well and the Laces are securely tied.


It’s better to skip the props to keep hands free for trick-or treating. If you must have props be used, then make sure that all props and equipment are safe and secure.

Make sure your costumes are neat

Fabrics that flow and loose clothing could be tripped up or trampled on. Be sure to keep costumes neat and stay clear of costumes that have excessive material.

Check materials

Check out what the items are made from when picking masks, face paints or costumes for Halloween.

Avoid any unfamiliar chemicals, toxic substances, or any other substance that you are allergic for your child. Check the face paint on the skin before covering completely your child’s face.

If you experience allergic reactions, contact Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics Walk-In Clinic for more information. For medical emergencies , dial 911 or visit the emergency room.

Fire safety

Select costumes that are made of retardant or flame-resistant materials. There aren’t many people who have flames burning at their front door when children are trick-or-treating, however it’s important for children to are aware of how to stay away from flames from jack-o’-lanterns, or other decorations.


Halloween Costume that are safe to wear is a good beginning, but ensure that children are watched.

Safe Treats

The consumption of sweets is an integral part of the Halloween festivities. If you’re worried about the safety of food, there are some items you need to know.

When you and your kids dress up as trick-or-treaters, be sure to remember these guidelines:

  • Avoid eating candy until it examined at home.
  • Take a bite of food before going out so that you don’t fall prey to the temptation of eating something sweet before it examined.
  • If you have an allergy to food, look at the label to confirm that there’s no allergen on the label. Children should not accept or consume anything that’s not commercially wrapped.
  • Parents of young children should take away any dangers to their health such as peanuts, gum or hard candy, as well as small toys from barbie halloween costumes bags.
  • Check commercially wrapped snacks for signs of tampering for example, unusual looks or discoloration, tiny pinholes and tears within wrappers. Discard anything that appears suspicious.
  • Do not wear the decorative (colored) contacts that may alter the appearance of your eyes because of the possibility of eye injuries, unless you have visited an eye specialist for a fitting and received instructions on how to wear the lenses. Read Eye Safety below for more details.

Have a safe, happy Halloween!

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