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Have Fun with Carrom Online Gam & Win Big Prizes

The carrom game has come a long way now! Increase your productivity and your skills now with the real money-earning games. Grab this amazing opportunity to play games and earn money. One such most famous online game is popular among people of every generation, carrom game. You must have played these games once in your childhood with your friends or family. You can now participate in the carrom game and win loads of money prizes with the same. It has been shift to the online level with the plethora of real money games. Whenever you feel bored, choose the carrom online game for free!


If you don’t know, then you should note that all the real money earning games are declare as “skill games” which you can play freely without any tension. As these games are known as the game of skill, it automatically says that you need great skills and knowledge to ace them. You cannot win these real money-earning games by chance and require a lot of practice to win big.
The carrom game online is a full package of entertainment, action, good aim, and high accuracy. You should be perfect with your shot and be able to pocket more and more tokens in the game. Many people recognize this game with the name of “game of angles” because we all know that players need to have a good shot and aim if they want to win this game.
Carrom game online is a total fun and exciting game once you start playing it. The game is usually play among 4 players. Tourists are evolving daily, which people can enjoy whenever they want. The game is feature with a wooden board on which the tokens have to be spread. Use your skills and good shots to make big winnings with this most popular skill game.


Get ready and play the carrom game online. Go through these guidelines if you are new to the game. Start your game now.

  • When you play a carrom game online between 2 players only, that is call singles. And when you play among 4 players, it will be known as doubles, where the opponents sit opposite each other in the game.
  • Players cannot shift their sitting position after the game has been started.
  • The carrom game online starts with a toss, where the players would get to know about their assigned tokens.
  • The tokens are arrange in a circular manner where the queen would be in the center of the board, surrounded with other tokens.
  • The game goes in the anti-clockwise direction if it is played among 4 players.
  • The game will go on until all the tokens, including the queen, would not be pocket.

Play the carrom board game online now on the Dangal games app. You must know how exciting and thrilling the game is!


When players choose to play real money-earning games, they look for a safe and secure environment to play.
Playing carrom game online on the Dangal games app would be your best decision! We can say that the app is secure and safe for all users. If you play real money earning games daily, you should definitely register on the app and play whichever game you like.
It would be best if you chose the Dangal games app because of certain reasons.

  • Safe deposits
    The players can easily make their deposits, which are totally safe with the app. The payment getaways on Dangal games are powered by bank-grade security.
  • Big Bonus Awards                                                                                                                                                The Dangal games app rewards its users with the best of bonus awards. People get a bonus offer on their first sign-up and also whenever they refer the app to anyone.
  • QUICK WITHDRAWALS                                                                                                                                          You can get your quick money withdrawals which you win from the games. Start playing and winning to get the most accessible and quick transactions.


Yes, the game is easy, but it is still a skill-based game and you should know some of the best tips and tricks to win the carrom game online.
If you want to ace the game, just play it professionally! Use these tips and tricks in the game and have a good shot.

    When you play the game, make sure that you are flicking the striker in some different styles. The techniques included in this are index shots, middle finger shots, thumb shots, scissor-style and many more that you can try.
  • Always improve the speed.
    It would be best if you had a good speed range when you are playing the game.
  • Break-in with the full effort so that you can have an advantage of that.
  • Always use the trick shots in the game.
  • It would be best if you gave your focus on the queen.
  • Always avoid fouls else you would lose your points in the game.


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