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How can I search email by Date in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo mail users are very happy as they love to use this service for instant emailing purposes. This service organizes email by the most current date by default. And this is the reason that it might take time to look for one of the old emails. By using the “Sort by Date” feature, you can show the email messages as per the data received. Choosing the option to sort them from oldest to newest is very simple.

You must have signed in to your Yahoo account and make sure to use a good internet connection for the same. We are here with the exact steps through which one can search email by Date in Yahoo Mail If that message is there in your mailbox, you definitely will see that. But in case, if you have deleted that accidentally then, you might not get it.

Take Help of Search Box

To get messages in Yahoo Mail, you have to go to the Search Box that appears at the top of the page

  • Enter the Query and choose the Magnifying glass
  • After that, enter the contact name to view all emails from that ID
  • Else, you can choose a keyword for the broader or wider search

Usages of Yahoo Mail Search Filters

To zero down your search, you should choose the option Search from the drop-down arrow. This arrow appears just next to the Magnifying glass and shows the search filters list. After that, you have to choose the search option from the specific folders. Then you will find emails within a certain time frame and get back only emails with the attachments.

The resolution to sort email by date range is

You will need to click on “Sort By Date” at the beginning that appears at the top of the email list in the Yahoo account

  • After that, you have to click on the “Date” to display the messages from oldest to the newest
  • This is not last but yes least of course. All you have to do is to click on the “Date” again to get back to your emails back to the default setting

Note: Yahoo Mail users can sort their email via sender, subject, alphabetically, subject, and by unread emails too

  • You can enter simple search terms in the search domain to find items through Advanced Search

Steps for Advanced Searching

  • To start with, click on the Search icon option in the search domain
  • After that, click on Advanced Search that appears at the bottom of the list
  • There you have to enter the search criteria and click on Search Mail

Some More Tips to Search

It is simple to conduct the searching procedure with a certain subject line. And for that, go to the “Subject” or “From” before the terms of searching

For instance-

  • From: HR
  • Subject: Interview

On another hand, in case you don’t know the sender name and the subject which you use with a minus sign. Keep in mind to put the minus to keep the icon before the search terms.

Steps to see all emails from a specific sender in Yahoo

You can search for a message from the contact in the inbox or another folder

  • Hover the mouse cursor the name of the sender
  • There you have to choose the magnifying glass from the beside of the sender’s name
  • All of the messages from the chosen sender will then appear in a list

As you can see that you are all set with the Yahoo search option. Make sure that you are searching for a message that exists in your mailbox. If you have deleted that message a long time ago then, request a recovery request to the Yahoo mail .Search email by

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