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How Often Can You Get Botox?

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments for anyone looking to combat the signs of aging and retain that youthful look. If fine lines or deep wrinkles make you feel old, you make a good candidate for Botox treatment. And while initially, this was a treatment popular among women or celebs, today, anyone, including men, can go for Botox treatment. If you are interested in undergoing this procedure, one of the things you may be wondering is how often you can get Botox. First, you need to understand how this anti-aging treatment works.

How Does Botox Treatment Work?

Every time you cry, laugh, smile or raise your eyebrows, the muscles beneath your face contract. Those contractions are what allow you to make various facial expressions revealing how you are feeling at the moment. You have probably heard a joke of someone telling you not to frown as you will age quickly. However, it is not just frowning. Basically, any facial expression you make leads to muscle contractions. Unfortunately, the contraction makes wrinkles more visible, and as you age, fine lines and wrinkles become permanent on your face.

This is where a Botox injection comes into play. The injection contains compounds that block those nerves around your forehead from moving or contracting. This results in a softer, relaxed face with less visible fine lines. Something else you need to remember when going for Botox in Greenwood Village is that the location and dosing of the injection are not the same for everyone. It all depends on your desired goals, muscle function, and skin quality. Also, the process takes around 10 minutes.

How Often Should You Get Botox

The effects of Botox are not permanent. The treatment lasts between 3 and 4 months, after which you will start noticing that the wrinkles and fine lines are returning. To retain your looks, you will have to go back for another injection. For people who receive regular Botox treatment, after around two years, the frequency of the injections may be reduced to every six months.

One factor that is likely to affect your Botox treatment results is the dosage used. If a doctor injects you with a small amount, the results may wear off quickly. That is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable plastic surgeon who will recommend the right dosage. Also, if you are just starting, the surgeon may start with a low dose to see how your skin takes it.

Candidates for Botox

One of the common myths about Botox is that it can make your face expressionless. This has made most people stay away from treatment, including those that can benefit. However, this is a safe procedure that will not make your face look flat, and anyone looking for a youthful appearance can get it. You can get treatment for Botox across the forehead, around your eyes, on your lips, and around your mouth.

If you have any questions relating to Botox, it is good to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon. They can ease any worries you might have by giving you the correct information.

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