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How to answer Tell me about yourself for freshers ?

Now that you’ve at last finished with your school or course, now is the right time to enter this present reality, a world where you will now have to make your own living. It very well may be alarming out there for the beginners, and we comprehend it as we have all been there previously.

In this article, we will attempt to make your change into the world of work a tiny bit more straightforward by assisting you with getting ready to answer one of the most well-known common interview questions: Tell me about yourself.

Here, we will share a few tips and a formula that will help you formulate a good answer, along with a sample answer for “Tell me about yourself” for freshers. 

Formula For Answering “Tell me about yourself “for Freshers

While there is no right answer to the job interview question “tell me about yourself” giving the right response goes quite far in getting you to the next round of the job interview.

if you don’t plan the right answer that is relevant to the position you are applying for and the industry itself, you will only waste the interviewer’s time. Along these lines, to stay away from this, take help the answer formula for Tell me about yourself for freshers.

  • You can start by saying thanks to the interviewer for offering you the chance to interview for the position in their organisation. Then, at that point, introduce yourself and continue on with your highest educational qualification. On the off chance that there are awards or achievements, you may have accomplished in your school or college, do mention them.
  • Then, explain to them why you are keen on that specific field or position you are applying for.
  • Then, share an experience or two about any work you might have done in school or during your internship program or if you have accomplished any independent work.
  • Convince them why you are the perfect individual for the job utilizing your skill, abilities, capabilities, and achievements as your selling point. Tell them what you will bring to their table.
  • At last, assure them that you intend to stay close by for a long time. Why? Since hiring managers and recruiters generally search for candidates who will actually want to work with them for a long time so they wouldn’t need to go through the most common way of recruiting a renewed individual again would it be advisable for them they choose to remain just for a couple of months or years.

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Tips: To answer “Tell me about yourself for freshers

Be Concise

While answering “Tell me about yourself” as fresher, guarantee that you cover each pertinent point within 2-3 minutes. Try not to discuss your own life and other irrelevant themes.

Make A-List

To guarantee that you don’t time the interviewer’s time by discussing unnecessary details, make a list of your abilities, achievements, awards, and experiences. Choose the ones that line up with the position you are applying for. Likewise, avoid any regrettable topics like your weakness or badmouthing anyone.

Be Confident And Professional

Saying the answer without holding back before a mirror or your relatives or friends will assist you with acquiring certainty when the opportunity arrives. As this is the universe of work, the language and tone you use ought to be conveyed professionally and confidently. Try not to use slang words, and mind your body language.

Be enthusiastic

Most interviewers will reject or fails candidates who appear to be dull and uninterested. Thus, guarantee that your answer isn’t discussed as a robot would. Smile and use hand motions while you are talking. You want to show them that you are a positive and accommodating individual yet proficient simultaneously, who can fit in any place.

Add Something That Is Not In Your Resume

Many candidates present their resumes through and through when asked for some information about themselves. Recall that already have those facts in their hands. Try adding at least one instance or story briefly about something that is not mentioned in your resume, like what you experienced while you were doing your internship. This will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Sample Answers for “Tell me about yourself” for Freshers

First of all, I would like to take this moment to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. My name is Prerna Bajaj, and I am a BA English graduate from XYZ University. I am currently pursuing my certificate in an online digital marketing course.

Growing up, books were my best friends, and I knew, even at a very young age, that I would grow up to be a writer, which was why I chose English for my graduate course, and I believe I made the right call because it has helped me in enhancing my writing skills. I was even our department magazine’s Editor in the final year. At the time, I also did freelance work by writing blogs and product descriptions for some startups.

I believe that I am the right person for this job because, with my experience, skills and creative style, I know that I will be able to deliver effective content for all target audiences.

Moreover, I have been a fan of your magazine since I was in middle school, so it’s my dream to work and establish my career here if you would give me a chance.

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