How to draw a girl with realistic hair step by step.

How to draw a girl with realistic hair step by step.

How to quickly draw realistic hair grill with this video and step by step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone. You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below.Also read. easy girl drawing

Step 1- Discovering Your Purpose

The best way to simply learn how to pull realistic hair is to prepare it properly. You will need a light pencil for this first step, as you will be drawing the part of the manicure head on which you will be pulling the hair. Using our reference image as your guide, carefully draw the contour of the head sitting on the neck with your pencil.

Step 2: Start pulling the hairline.

For step 2 of the actual drawing of your hair, you can technically start drawing with a pen, but I recommend using a pencil for now, as this step can be pretty complicated. girl with realistic  This is the part you would like to cite closely with the reference image when you draw. Do your best to pull the hairline shown in the picture. Next, carefully wipe off any part of the scalp where the hair will be faded.

Step 3: Refer to the picture to plan the next steps.

The third stage references arrows in the picture tell you in which direction the hair will flow in the next few steps. You do not need to draw these arrows on your image, but it will be conducive to correcting the image flow. However, if it helps, you can pull them with a very light pencil!

Step 4: Start pulling the hair flow.

In Step 3, you can start drawing thick lines on the left side of the hair, referring closely to the image. girl with realisticTo do this, start drawing some thick lines as they appear in the reference image, using the flow arrow as your guide to ensure that they rest naturally on the hair.

Step 5: Finish drawing thick lines.

Continuing from the previous step, we will draw thick lines to the right of the original drawing of your hair. Again, carefully follow the arrows in the reference images to get a good flow.girl with realistic Using facial guides, draw big eyes, semi-thick eyebrows, then add a cute nose and smile. Define her face shape like that, then start drawing straight bangs and some loose or cupped hair on one side of her face. As you can see, her bangs have splits that give a split look.

Step 6: Start drawing some small lines.

The thick lines you draw will give the hair some depth and volume, and at this stage of the realistic hair tutorial, we will outline some short lines. It is best to use a sharp pen or pencil for these lines. The back arrow will also guide you along these lines, so oversee it!

Step 7 – Continue pulling out some thinning hair

You understand now! For this part of the original drawing of your hair, keep drawing more fine lines for the upper right part of the hair. Finally, draw the rest of the hairstyle, also the shape of her head. Don’t forget to add details to her hair, Draw the shoulders, then erase the errors.Add length to her hair,girl realistic then draw the shape of her neck. Once done, you will draw the sweater collar and the collar should be thick. Add details to the collar, then continue to step five.

Step 8: Remove the thin lines.

You’ve almost finished drawing thin lines for the actual drawing of your hair, and at this point, you can eliminate the element. Just continue to draw these lines to the ends of the hair after the pictures of the arrows and references. Once done, you can add more lines to your liking, but remember to keep the flow constant!

Step 9: Pull out some stray hair.

Before you start colouring in your drawings, we will include some final details in this step of our tutorial on how to stretch hair for life. First, pull out some thin and wavy hair from the hairstyle. This part is optional because while these strands make for a more realistic look, you can’t use less or nothing for a clean look. Finally, use the pen to return all the last lines and then erase all the remaining pencil lines.

It was a difficult drawing challenge,

so now you can get your hair down with a bit of fun colour! This is the stage where you can unleash your creativity on your lifelong hair painting. You can choose any colour of your choice for completion, and you have many options. Would you like to dye it like your own hair or use your colour to create your dream hairstyle? You can also have fun using your favourite art medium to pop colours. Whether you use paint, watercolour, crayon, crayon or anything else, we know it will look amazing!

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