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How to Fix Broken PST File | Learn the Free Method

Broken or corrupted PST file is quite now common around Outlook users but the thing is how to fix broken PST file without losing a single bit of data. Now, if you are seeking the same then you are on the right page. Here in this write-up, we are going to discuss the reasons behind the Outlook data file corruption and also how one can easily fix the corruption of PST files using DIY techniques.

Well, we all know that Outlook is one of the most used email applications around the globe by many organizations and individuals. Hence, there are many Outlook users looking for a solution for the same. Now, before going towards the solution part let’s see what are the reasons for the broken Outlook data file.

Causes Behind Broken Outlook Data File

If we talk about the reasons, then there are several but in this section, we are going to discuss some of the major ones that are most common among many users.

Oversized Outlook Data File – We all know that every software has certain storage limitations and when you cross the storage limit, then you will face errors during running the program. And this same case happens with Outlook. When you exceed the storage limit, then you will see data deletion and in the worst case, you will encounter a broken PST file.

Abnormal System Termination – Forcefully system shutdown is always not a good option for your computer and running software. Because certain termination of the system affects your hard disk and this work done is direct affects your running application.

Forcefully Outlook Termination – We know that every application has a certain procedure for exit from that application. Now, if you are closing that application forcefully doing the running some task, then you will end with the broken data file issue.

Incompatible Add-ins – Outlook add-ins is one the most useful thing that Outlook provides. But sometimes the incompatible Outlook add-ins become a nightmare for you. These add-ins affect the Outlook working and in the worst case, you will end with the broken PST file.

Malware Attack – Attackers are always in a seek to destroy the user’s data and if you are the victim of this type of attack then you will face the broken PST file.

Now, after knowing the reasons the question is how one can fix the corruption of the Outlook data file without the help of an expert. To know the answer keep reading the blog to know the best DIY solution.

How to Fix Broken PST File

Well, Microsft knows the corruption problem of Outlook data files, and to help the users they built their own inbox repair tool that is also known as Scanpst.exe. Also, the best part about this tool is that this tool comes preinstalled with Outlook. Just you have to find the location of the Scanpst.exe according to your Outlook version.

Yes, you have to find the location of Scanpst.exe because the location of Scanpst.exe varies according to the Outlook version. But you need to worry because here in this section we have listed all the location paths of Scanpst.exe.

Locations of Outlook Own Inbox Repair Tool

For Outlook 2007

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

For Outlook 2010

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

For Outlook Outlook 2010 64 bit

C:\Program Files (86)\Microsoft Office\Office14

For Outlook 2013

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15

For Outlook 2016 & 2019

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16

Once you have reached the location now, follow the below steps to fix the broken PST file

1. Double-tap on the Scanpst.exe to execute the program.

2. Once the utility opens click on the browse button to add the broken PST file.

3. After adding the PST file the inbox repair tool starts the scanning of the broken PST file and check the level of corruption of the Outlook PST file.

4. Now, once the scanning part is over you will pop up with the message along with the repair button.

5. Click on the Repair button to fix the corruption of the Outlook PST file.

Once the repairing task is down open the Outlook application to see the error still exists. Now, if your Outlook data file still not opening and facing the issue, then there is a chance that your Outlook data file is highly corrupted.

Note: You will still face the broken PST file issue with Outlook because Scanpst.exe is not capable to repair the highly corrupted PST file. This tool only repairs the header part of the PST file or minor corruption of the Outlook data file.

So the question is what is the best option to fix the corruption of the Outlook PST file. Keep reading the write-up because you are so close to knowing the right method to complete this task.

Prime Method to Fix Broken PST File

Yes, the prime method to fix Outlook PST corruption is here, Outlook PST Repair Tool that s developed by SysTools is the most effective PST repairing utility that will help you to fix the corruption of Outlook data files.

The tool is capable to repair any level of corruption of Outlook data files. And not just repairing the Outlook data file this tool is also capable to recover the deleted data from the Outlook PST file and provide different options to save the recovered and repaired file.

Concluding Thoughts

You will never know when your data will get corrupt. But if you know the right solution to fix it, then you can easily come out of this situation. And here in this blog, we have discussed the same here we have discussed the best free as well as an automated method to fix the broken PST file. So o through the write-up and fix teh corruption of the Outlook PST file by yourself.

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