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For most people, moving causes fear and panic. This is not surprising: organizing the transportation of property takes a lot of time, energy, and finances. In addition, damaged and lost items during transportation are separate expense items.

Baggage damage is often associated with improper packaging. Is it possible to bring luggage in integrity and safety? It is possible, provided that the process is properly organized. If you have to move shortly, do not grab your head and panic. Instead, start preparing for the event in advance.

  • Remember where the container from the purchased household appliances is located.
  • Make an audit in your own house, and go around relatives and friends searching for cardboard boxes. Carry everything – there is never too much packaging!
  • Stop throwing away newspapers and periodicals.
  • Go to the store for the missing material. Stretch film, adhesive tape, plastic bags, rug storage bag, air bubble wrap – a mandatory set of moving. Huge checkered bags sold inexpensively on the market will also come in handy.

When moving, every penny counts, so try to stock up on packaging on your own then, you will have to buy more material in a smaller volume. Ready to pack? Let’s discuss it in this blog.


Conflicting feelings accompany moving: on the one hand, pleasant emotions from the change of housing, on the other, tedious packing of suitcases. The procedure requires careful preparation. Otherwise, stress, panic, and sleepless nights are inevitable. How to properly pack your belongings when moving so that they fit in the trunk of the ordered truck.

During the gathering on the mezzanine, many extra things are sure to be found in the far drawers of the cabinets. Clothes out of fashion, worn-out shoes, non-working equipment – there will be no benefit from such items in a new place. Get rid of junk: throw away, donate, arrange a sale – experts recommend reviewing luggage several times before packing.

To make a move go smoothly, follow some simple rules.

  • Observe the measure! Do not overload the boxes. The optimal weight of luggage is 30 kg. An adult can easily lift such a load.
  • Use the matryoshka principle. It is rational to transport small items in larger ones, which will reduce the amount of packaging. For example, put small kitchen utensils in pots, clothespins, powder in a washing machine, and furniture fittings in drawers.
  • Everything valuable – only with you! Documents, money, bank cards, and jewelry should not be transported by truck. Instead, pack valuable cargo separately and transport it yourself.
  • Keep items compatible. Do not stack clothing and oily substances, foodstuffs and household chemicals, fragile materials with heavy loads – such proximity will damage property.

Experts recommend following a certain sequence to quickly and efficiently pack and transport things. First of all, we prepare property from the mezzanine for transportation. Next, we collect strong small-sized items in boxes – clothes, furniture, and appliances. Finally, we completed the work by packing fragile goods. The experience of other people shows that the system works perfectly!


Many people find packing their belongings a time-consuming, pointless task. But in vain! The hassle associated with the proper packaging of household items is justified. However, they allow you to avoid damage to things during loading and unloading and transportation. Chips on your favorite service, torn sofa upholstery, broken furniture fittings, a broken computer monitor – possible losses will cost a pretty penny.

To prevent problems, it is important to know how to pack when moving:

  • bed linen, bedspreads, towels are folded into bulk plastic bags;
  • books, periodicals are tied with a rope, wrapped in paper, and sent to boxes;
  • We fill suitcases, existing travel bags, or cardboard boxes with shoes and clothes. It is advisable to sort things according to the seasons – this will facilitate their disassembly in a new place;
  • so that the dishes do not turn into shards, wrap each item with newspaper, wrapping paper, or pimply polyethylene;
  • Small household appliances are best transported in their original boxes. If the container has long gone to the landfill, wrap the products with a towel, blanket, or blanket. Large equipment, in the absence of boxes with foam, is protected with foam rubber;
  • Upholstered furniture must be wrapped with stretch film. The material protects the fabric upholstery from damage;
  • Disassemble furniture items before transportation. Plastic film will help protect structural elements from scratches and defects. Remove the shelves, remove the accessories, tie the handles, and fix the drawers.

Properly selected packaging material perfectly cushions, reducing the load on items during transportation. Boxes with fragile items require special care, marked with a marker – “valuable cargo.”


Essential items, a minimum set of clothes and linen in the process of moving, it is rational to put in a separate suitcase. To prevent the selected items from jumping out from under the lid, follow the instructions:

  • the first layer is heavy things, shoes;
  • the second layer is clothes twist them with dense rollers;
  • the third layer is hygiene items, cosmetics in ziplock bags.

Now you can easily remember how to pack things compactly. So you can put more in your suitcase. Moreover, you will have to be less nervous! And do not forget to take care of renting a car in advancement to transport packed items.

Whether you need a carpet storage bag, Sofa cover, or reusable TV bags, visit They’ve everything to make your move hassle-free.

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