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How to prepare for CLAT 2023?

The Consortium of National Law Universities administers the Common Law Admission Test, or CLAT, which is a national-level entrance exam (NLUs). CLAT 2023 will take place on Dec 18th 2022. Candidates who pass CLAT would be able to enrol in graduate programmes at 22 NLUs and India’s leading law schools. With only a few months left in the exam, students who want to pursue a career in law will be aiming for a high grade.

With such a high level of competition and so little time, any advice from prior CLAT candidates can be beneficial to applicants this year. Let’s have a look at some of the most often asked questions by CLAT aspirants in the top 30 AIRs.

What other Law Exams Should You Take Besides CLAT?

Many law students who desire to continue law as a career have the option of taking more than one law test, but few are aware of all the options. While we can include all other university tests for law school admission, this does not mean you must take them all.

Your confidence level defines how many exams you should apply for, according to CLAT 2021 AIR-2 Nidhi Agarwal. According to most toppers, AILET is the second most recommended law entrance after CLAT, and every law student should take it.

Apart from CLAT 2023, below is a list of Law Exams to take:

  • SLAT
  • LSAT-India
  • MHCET Law

What is the ideal period of time to prepare for the CLAT?

To figure out how much time you’ll need to prepare for CLAT 2023, you’ll need to examine your current level of skill and basic GK. In most situations, toppers recommend a 6- to 9-month preparation period. Some candidates, on the other hand, start late and nevertheless manage to pass the exam with only 2 to 3 months of preparation. You can also take the help of CLAT Online Coaching for better results.

We understand if you believe that such a prestigious exam can’t be passed in two months, but with the correct materials and assistance, you can pass CLAT 2023 right now. You simply need to rethink your plan and devote more time to completing practice tests. The CLAT exam last year had only 15 math problems, 35 general knowledge questions, and 100 comprehension questions spread over three subjects: legal, logic, and English. You won’t be able to prepare for such a broad test in a short period of time.

Students, according to Kartik, AIR 39, should map their own talents to these groups and prepare for them accordingly. If your math skills are stronger than your general knowledge, you might be able to get a higher score with just 15 questions rather than the 30 English questions. Candidates don’t need coaching, according to Sukarm Sharma of AIR 5, if they use a test series from a reputable coaching centre.

What additional options do students have as a backup option?

If you are unsure about passing CLAT 2023, as previously said, you can take one of numerous law entrance tests. Several universities were mentioned as good possibilities by the toppers, including,

  • Christ University
  • Nirma NMIMS
  • GLC 
  • ILS 
  • Symbiosis Law School (SLS)

Some toppers also recommend that you postpone your appearance until the following year, when you would have had more time to prepare. Devanshi got an AIR 27 in CLAT 2021, however, this wasn’t her first time taking the exam. Devanshi had placed 665th in CLAT 2020 a year prior. Despite having achieved high results in other exams, such as AILET 2020, where she was ranked 87th, Devanshi decided to skip a year and focus on CLAT 2021. Fortunately, the decision proved to be advantageous. Many other students are considering competing once more as a fallback option.

CLAT Exam Section-Specific Guidance

The Most Effective GK Preparation Strategy

To begin, let’s state that the “optimal” technique is highly subjective, as it is strongly dependent on an aspirant’s retention rate. Most toppers recommend reading the newspaper every day for GK and relying on at least one compendium such as Drishti IAS, GK Today, Manthan, CLAT Post, and so on.

The Most Effective Maths Preparation Strategy

Percentages, profit-loss, TSD, and other fundamental ideas in QT are used to establish confidence in Math. It is critical to practice Data Interpretation (DI) sets on a frequent basis in order to increase one’s speed and confidence.

The Most Effective English Preparation Strategy

Many applicants are unprepared for the length of the CLAT paper, which may come as a surprise to you. It is critical that you increase your reading time and never run out. Quick reading and comprehension skills are required in English. Skimming can also be practised by aspirants. Newspapers are the ideal place to practise your English on a regular basis. Work on finishing RCs on time, as English may take up a significant amount of time in CLAT 2023.

The Most Effective Logical Reasoning Preparation Strategy

Logical Reasoning is another component that is comparable to English in several ways. The reason for this is that you don’t need any additional study, and simply improving your English will help you a lot in the logical reasoning component of your CLAT exam in 2023.

The Most Effective Legal Reasoning (Legal Aptitude) Preparation Strategy

The majority of CLAT toppers recommend that you work on your basic comprehension skills. The Indian Penal Code, Constitution, Indian Contracts Act, and other important legal issues will help you improve your understanding skills. Legal Reasoning can be aided by obtaining legal modules from a reputable teaching firm such as Hitbullseye. This portion, according to the experts, requires good reading speed once again. You can brush up on your torts, criminal law, and contract knowledge.

The goal of legal reasoning is to extract principles and norms from a specific circumstance or text. And you can only recognise rules in certain situations if you already know them. Taking the CLAT 2020, CLAT 2021, and CLAT mock examinations and answering as many legal reasoning questions as possible is the best method to prepare for Legal Reasoning right now.

How to Prepare a Study Plan for CLAT 2023

Recognize the Exam Pattern

The CLAT test 2023 pattern and marking structure should be familiar to aspirants. They must cover the complete curriculum and not leave anything out simply because they dislike a particular section.

Practice Mock Exams

 Mock tests can help you determine your exam performance and success. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t fare well in mocks. Regardless, keep doing them.

Discuss Your Notes With Your Friends & Mentors

 Discuss your notes with all of your law school friends and teachers. It allows you to gain a better understanding of specific legal circumstances.

Give Importance to All Sections

 Just because you’re having trouble with one portion doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest. If you want to practise law, you must complete all of the required components of the course.

Read a Lot

 The most significant aspect of the CLAT exam is reading a lot and reading rapidly. Because you can’t identify norms and laws without first knowing the issue, all of the sections will require quick and thorough reading. Work on your reading skills, and newspapers are the greatest place to start because they increase your GK while simultaneously helping you develop your reading skills.


We’ve come to the end of our CLAT exam 2023 preparation advice. I believe these pointers may assist you in better preparing for the CLAT exam. If you want access to the competitive CLAT Mock Test and test series for speedy preparation, go visit Hitbullseye. We wish you luck on the exam and promise to provide you with more useful information in the future.

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