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How to Remove Duplicate Journal Entries from Outlook – Few Simple Clicks

Looking for a way to Remove duplicate journal entries from Outlook? If so, let me tell you that you are not alone in this question. Many people often search the Internet for how to import their list of documents from Outlook. So I decided to write and create a solution for users who want to extract text entries from Outlook PST files. Learn this blog and find the solution.

The Journal is one of the most important and useful features of Microsoft Outlook, because it allows you to easily track your work schedule and plan your time carefully. It also helps you create short lists in Microsoft Outlook for various categories such as movies, sports, shopping and more.

The first time you open a calendar entry in Outlook, the Journal automatically begins to list selected people. However, you can create duplicate registrations due to incorrect account synchronization or incorrect data import procedures in Outlook.

So, in this article, we will talk about how to delete duplicate Journal entries files from Outlook without affecting your mailbox data.

Why Need to Remove Duplicate Journal Entries from Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most complex and advanced applications developed by Microsoft Suite. Outlook has many features and therefore needs many services to run its features properly. It has been observed that users often encounter duplicate Journal Entries during import. These are some of the problems caused by product duplication;

This information causes confusion because the user cannot verify whether the email has been responded to or not. If a user responds to the same email multiple times, it creates confusion for the team and can cause problems in daily collaboration.

These duplicate files take up space and thus increase the file size of Outlook. Because of this, users cannot use the application because it runs slowly. It can also hinder business productivity because it takes longer to review and respond to each email.

If the user configures Outlook with an Exchanger Server, duplicate journals will also increase the size of the Exchanger Server. If you want to return the journal entries, it will take longer and users will have to pay more to get additional storage in the external cloud storage.

What Causes Duplicate Emails?

There is not just one, but many, reasons for email duplication. Here are some reasons;

  • Policy Configuration Error: If the rules are not set correctly, it can cause confusion when the user receives the email. This repeats the message.
  • Shorter Time Between Sending and Receiving Messages: If the inbox can be edited, emails and other items will not be synchronized. This leads to additional duplicate files.
  • Account Setup: If someone uses the same account on multiple devices, it can cause duplicate email synchronization. This is another reason to duplicate files in Outlook.
  • Incorrect Email Configuration: When a user creates an Outlook account, they can set up an incorrect mailbox. This in turn causes duplicate emails and all other information in the mailbox.

Technical Problems: Many business problems can cause duplicate emails and other items in mailboxes. Perhaps the most common example of business problems is when a user activates the “Keep messages on server” option. This misconfiguration in Microsoft Outlook controls that “form” is used for incoming emails two or more times.

Here are some reasons why duplicate items appear in the mail. However, overlapping items always cause a lot of problems for users when using Outlook. This makes it very important for users to identify these duplicate files and remove them from the server later.

How to Identify Duplicate Emails in Outlook?

In Outlook, it is not easy to identify similar items side by side. This is a complex process and the user has to work with different features of the language. Here are some places that can be used for comparison:

  • The text
  • the sender
  • For your health
  • Continued

Automatic Solution to Remove Duplicate Journal Entries from Outlook

As mentioned above, Microsoft offers a very useful time in Outlook. But they don’t offer any solution to remove duplicate messages from Outlook if you encounter duplicate messages in Outlook.

As a result, many users are unable to delete duplicate messages from their Outlook mailboxes. So, after studying the needs of our users, we came up with a solution that makes email life easier.

SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool that manages duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook. In addition to the calendar, the tool also extracts email attachments, calendars, tasks, and notes from Outlook PST, OST, and BAK files.

Complete Guide to Delete Duplicate Journal Entries from Outlook

  • Download the utility and Install it on your Machine

  • Click Add File or Add Folder to Add PST/OST/BAK files

  • Now after clicking on Add File or Add Folder button, the following screen will appear. Hit  Open to Add the selected Outlook PST file

Open to add the selected PST file

  • Then select the first radio button to remove duplicates in a folder regardless of other PST files, or select the second radio button to remove duplicates in folders. Then click Next

  • Now click on the selected destination to save the resulting data

click on the selected destination

  • Select the checkboxes in the section “Choose items” to copy information from emails, calls, calendars, journal, tasks, and notes

  • Now you have the option to use filter options that give you the freedom to add as many filter dates as you want

  • After all the tasks are done, click the Next button to start the deduplication process.

start the deduplication process

Highlighted Features of the Software

  • This duplicate removal tool provides tools to remove duplicates of emails, contact calendars, notes, calendars using various fields such as education, full name, email address, physical date , category, etc.
  • Many powers are available for deleting duplicates, such as permanent deletion, moving the deleted items, placing them in a folder, setting flags, turning on the timeout.
  • This software allows you to remove duplicate files in multiple MS Outlook PST files at once. This means you can batch delete duplicates in multiple folders.
  • PST deduplication tools can preserve metadata attributes and also maintain file hierarchy during deduplication.
  • After adding PST files, the software will show you the current status of each file as it removes duplicates from Outlook folders.


We will explain you the complete method to remove duplicate journal entries from Outlook. This blog offers professional solutions that are completely free to use. In addition, this solution has several powerful properties that ensure healthy results. Removing duplicate file posts with attachments and other email elements is completely free. In fact, any non-technical user can easily and quickly delete data using this solution.

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