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How to Save Attachments from Multiple MBOX File?

Want to save attachments from multiple MBOX file? And you don’t know how to do this task, here, this blog will tell you the best solution for the same.

There is no doubt that communication with end users is difficult without using an email client application. With the advancement of technology, there are a large number of email clients available that allow users to connect securely and seamlessly in the business world. Due to its impressive features, Thunderbird is one of the most popular email applications among business users. It gives users more convenience to share and transfer content. But in most cases, it becomes important to learn how to extract multiple attachments MBOX files.

Before diving into the manual method, consider the following questions from technical forum users:

“We need to download all Outlook attachments at once. My Outlook PST file is running out of space due to different attachments in each Outlook email. Accessing email is taking a long time for this reason. I don’t know how to extract attachments from PST file … Please recommend a reliable and tested solution for this, I look forward to an immediate reply.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most popular email clients available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows users to organize email, contacts, and calendars in one place, allowing online and offline access to mailbox items. It uses MBOX files to store your mailbox data (one MBOX file per mailbox, such as Inbox, Sent, etc.). While it is a great application for personal use, it falls short in comparison to MS Outlook which is designed for business users.

Automatic Software to Save Attachments from Multiple MBOX File 

As mentioned above, a manual solution is not possible in all cases, so look for other ways. In this type of scenario, MBOX Attachments Extractor Tool is a widely used application. It allows users to download all MBOX attachments. This tool to extract single and multiple MBOX email files with one click. On the other hand, it preserves the mailbox items and attachments during the conversion process. It maintains the folder structure and attachments even after the process is complete. Users can also extract selective MBOX folders of their choice. This app is easy to install. It is a professional tool, but it can still be easily used by both technical and non-technical users. It can be quickly installed on any Windows and Mac system. As it has a user-friendly interface, users can use it without any special knowledge.

Complete Guide to Download MBOX Attachments Files 

  • Download and Install MBOX Attachment Extractor Software

Download MBOX Attachments Extractor

  • Now, click Add File or Add Folder to add the MBOX file in the software panel

Add MBOX Files

  • Choose the desired file and hit the [Open] button

 Click on open

  • Select the filter Option

choose filter options

  • Choose a folder and click the Change button to Pick a destination to save the attachment, then click the Next button

  • After making all the settings, click the “Extract” button to start the process of extracting the email attachments from the MBOX file.

click on extract button

How to How to Save Attachments from Multiple MBOX File

Method 1: – Use the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor plugin

  • Thunderbird provides a free plugin that allows users to export MBOX attachments from files
  • First, download the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor plugin from Mozilla Thunderbird official website: –

  • Open the Thunderbird app and select Add-ons
  • Select on the gear icon and Choose the option to have the plug-in from disk
  • Select the XPI Thunderbird Attachment Extractor file and Pick the Install Now button to start the installation process
  • After the installation process is complete, restart the Thunderbird application on your computer
  • Select an email folder and right click on it and select Extract all attachments to … option, then click Browse to select where to save MBOX attachments
  • After they are successfully saved in the target location. You can access the resulting attachments without any problems.

Shortcomings With the Manual Method

The above free solution is not suitable for non-technical users. Technical knowledge is required to carry out the whole process. This is also a time-consuming process and may lead to users losing valuable data when extracting MBOX attachments.

Prominent Features of Automatic Tool

  • Hassle-free unlimited mailbox folder extraction
  • Keep the email attachment folder hierarchy intact during the extraction process
  • Provide demo version to check tool efficiency
  • Extract MBOX attachments without any additional apps
  • Preserve attachments and meta attributes

In Conclusion

In the above article we talked about “How to save attachments from multiple MBOX files”. The manual method takes time and does not guarantee 100% success. By using this software, users can easily fix the problems without any hassle. If users still have questions, use the trial version of this tool. Users can extract 10 attachments for free. For more functionality and for unlimited extraction of MBOX attachments, users can also purchase the software.

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