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How to win the competition with custom BB cream boxes?

Cosmetics industry is booming now a day. There is high demand of the beauty products among which BB cream is getting too much attention. As it is used for everyday use. This high demand increases great competition among BB cream brands. Cosmetics is the industry where it is somehow difficult to make customers shift from one brand to another. This is because it is a sensitive matter of the skin. However, it is not impossible to attract customers towards your existing or newly launched brand. If you really want to win this saturated competition.

You need to focus on your packaging. If you are BB cream manufacturing brand or planning to start one.  It is suggested to make your packaging creative yet informative enough that customers want to try your brand at least once. You must need to mention information that make customer to made purchase decision easy. BB cream is pack in the custom cosmetic product packaging boxes that need special attention. In the case of cosmetics females mostly picked up the product which gives them premium feel. So, your packaging must be of that quality which shows the product inside it is of great quality.

Initials of designing Custom BB cream box

  1. Knowing your customers

This is the main part in designing custom BB cream boxes for your customers. How could you attract your potential customers with packaging which is not best suited to them? In order to get creative and attractive packaging, you need to learn preferences of your target audience. If your BB cream is specifically for adults. So you need to make more of a blink yet elegant packaging. If your customer of BB cream is of old age. In this case you need to design packing which is subtle. The design and color preferences totally depends upon to whom you are selling?

  1. Knowing your brand

It is also important to understand what is the basis of your brand. Simply what brand image you want to create you need to incorporate in your packaging. If you want to create brand image as more of a popping brand, then your custom BB cream box should have that pop of the color in it. If you want to portray your brand as a dark and deep brand. Your packaging must portray that in it.

4 unique ideas to make design of custom BB cream boxes more attractive

  1. Use of unique fonts

If you want to give your custom BB cream box more attractive look so, try to use combination of different fonts. You should also try typography which makes you stand out your packaging. For example, handwritten font style is very much common among brands. It gives more of the personalize effect.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is the key to give your packaging more elegant look. Certainly packaging of BB cream doesn’t need much of the fruity or flowery image on it. It is to go with the fine lines and unique patterns in it. The more you give premium look to packaging the more customer perceive it as a high quality product.

  1. Pastel colors

Pastel colors provide subtler and premium look. You can customize your custom BB cream box by selecting one pastel color with the combination of one bold color. You can also mix up different pastel colors to give more elegant look.

  1. Information

In cosmetics industry other than perfect graphics and color, information provides great role in the designing. You can enhance your custom BB cream box design look by adding necessary information in the packaging. This information might include skin type, ingredients, allergens if it contains any etc.

Why it is recommended to have custom BB cream boxes?

There are many benefits associated with the BB cream boxes if you customize them. Let’s get more clear insight of some of them.

  1. Influence purchasing decision

Custom BB cream boxes allows you to influence buying decision of potential customer. When customer use to saw BB cream with creative packaging on the retail shelf. Out of all other BB creams with random packaging at least your product will stand out. Certainly customer will pick up your product and purchase it if it provided complete related information.

  1. Brand exposure

Custom BB cream box will help you to flourish your brand. When you mention brand name along with logo on your packaging. It will make your customers to remind your brand for longer period of time. In this way on the purchase of next way he will also seek for your brand only.

  1. Protection & security

Protection and security is the key element of custom BB cream boxes. BB creams has direct contact with your skin. It is very important that it is being packed in the packing that preserves temperature requirement for your product. Custom box provides great protection to primary packaging as well. Sometimes BB cream is packaged in glass jar and sometimes in tube. Custom packaging ensures that glass jar or tube don’t get damaged.

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