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Instagram Feed On Shopify: Benefits For A Business Website

In 2022, where Ecommerce shopping is booming, there is no need for an intro to popular eCommerce platforms,  such as Shopify and BigCommerce. This Ecommerce has turned out to be quite popular among everyone. Are you thinking of scaling and maximizing your Ecommerce store presence? Then it’s time to level up your strategies. Say goodbye to old formulas and look at new strategies to attract new customers.  

Whatever the strategy you are looking out for, social media is something you can’t miss out on. Out of them all, Instagram turned to be the most attended social media platform. Every day millions of people scroll through it to know more about products to incorporate into their lives, be updated, connect with brands and know what’s new about their favorite brands. 

So, when online stores bring this content it can enable you to overcome the customization absence in the customer buying experiences. How can you miss this wonderful opportunity? But these things might look more terrible than they sound.  Don’t worry, we can make it simple for you. Here in the article, we discussed why and how to integrate Instagram feeds on Shopify. Have a look at it. 

If you’re using a Shopify SMS to send custom marketing SMS notifications to your customers, then you can activate Shopify SMS notifications in your Shopify admin.

Why should you add an Instagram feed to the Shopify website?

Thinking about what made brands go through such a hassle for including  Instagram feeds to Shopify. Because Instagram feeds come with many more benefits which come to your brand favor.  

To begin with, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform with several online store retailers & users worldwide. Getting an Instagram store is huge, however, expanding it to Shopify can make it bigger and better. Many consumers could find your products in the store. So the opportunities of selling your products can be higher.

You could benefit from the feeds. We know what beautiful Instagram pictures are. So, people can engage with the consumers and enable them to buy.  In case you sold your products, then you might have reviews. This way, one can make Shopify customers feel good about your products. These reviews can also more traffic to the store. Thinking of integrating Instagram feeds, consult a Shopify plus agency today.  

Benefits of Instagram Shopify Integration:

Here are a few of the benefits  of the Instagram Shopify integration:

  • Shoppable Instagram enables retailers to sell from the post’s images directly in a format to Instagram.
  •  Instagram Galleries on the store lets merchants and on enormous user-generated content for developing a social following that runs sales.
  • Instagram Follow buttons on the Shopify store boosts social following, which offers a better way for promoting your products to future customers.
  • By installing tracking pixels on the Shopify store, users can retarget campaigns on Instagram for the products.
  • Videos, images, and dual-based add a different charm to the site. With the Shopify Instagram feed plugin, one can add images without worrying about speed. And it also offers beautiful and vibrant-looking Websites with good visual appeal. 
  • With shoppable and UGC posts efforts, Shopify stores could drive good sales onsite.
  • Instagram Shoppable posts let businesses tag products in a post. Within a few clicks, targeted consumers go from the post to the business Add to Cart on the Shopify website.
  • These Instagram feeds entice audiences and keep them hooked. So you could make them engaged on the website. Visitors spend a good time in the store, it infuses interest in the minds of viewers that boosts sales. 
  •  Shoppable Stories Stickers let you shop for several products from the stories.

How to Integrate Instagram feed on Shopify?

Here are the two methods to follow to integrate feed on Shopify;

1. Step-by-step instructions add Instagram feeds via Shopify

Shopify offers an application known as a Facebook channel. From where retailers could incorporate the products from the Instagram accounts. By using this app people could include their Instagram feeds in the Shopify store. Here is the step-by-step guide to adding Instagram feeds via Shopify. 

  • Create a Shopify account.
  • Then, you might view the Sales channels
  • Using the dropdown screen, hit the Facebook channel.
  • Now you can find 3 options: Facebook market, Instagram Shopping, and  Facebook shop. 
  • Now click “Start setup” over the Instagram shopping section.
  • Now you can notice that Shopify needs users to maintain a pro-Instagram account. There are several conditions to continue. 
  • After you finish then you get permission to create your Instagram feeds.

If you get product feeds to include in Shopify, then you must invest a good time in it. In that case, you can find another solution,  we mean an app. Regardless, selecting one app to integrate Instagram feed to Shopify within several of them is not going to be simple.

For increasing selling opportunities, you need to pick an app that fulfills your needs. If you are confused about which app to pick then don’t worry.  Because a Shopify agency can help you out from this situation.  Shopify experts at Shopify agency can help you find better solutions and apps to integrate Instagram feeds on the Shopify website. 

2. Social Media Aggregator Tools

Social Media Aggretaors are incredible tools that offer simple solutions to improve your store’s visual appeal. 

They enable users to personalize, curate, and collect social feeds from many platforms. 

Install a social media aggregator tool and have to sign up then gather feed for the Instagram widget to produce embedding code. Copy, and paste embedding code, to embed the Instagram widget on Shopify. 

Not only does it make the process simple but also it provides several features which bring extraordinary significance to the brand.  Users can moderate the feed according to their choice so you can personalize the widget by modifying font style,  font size, and much more. You got ample themes and layouts. 

Further, these social media aggregator tools offer responsive widgets so you can enjoy and be engaged with the feed. And there is no need to modify display settings according to the unique devices.  As widgets easily update feeds you do not need to bother refreshing the feed manually to offer the latest content to the visitors. These tools coalesce with analytics, custom CTA and CSS options, which you can find on the internet easily. 


Instagram feed in Shopify offers a simple and effective way to promote and enhance a brand’s eCommerce presence. Simply put,  Instagram is a popular platform as Shopify in terms of social media networks. It’s becoming used and popular to use image-reliant social media platforms. Adding social media platforms with your eCommerce platforms like Shopify can be a great boost for your brand. Install Instagram feed on then Shopify to experience improved revenue, conversions, and brand awareness. 

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